You're my cure...

I watch you walk away from me every day,

You smiling as you walk down the long, lonely street,

With him there laughing and smiling beside you,

You saving him a seat at the bus stop too,

Whilst I’m standing here, unnoticed and alone,

You continue to smile with no awareness of everything around you,

The homeless man with his dog not too far away from you,

Ill and hurt people going into the hospital across the street,

But still you continue you to smile,

Even after everything you’ve been through,

Your dad leaving home,

And your brother’s accident leading to death,

You continue to smile,

Without a care in the world,

Though that how seems to both him and you,

But I know you’re hurting as much as me to,

I can see you between smiles looking away from him,

And glancing your gaze my way,

And all that hurt and that pain I feel,

Leaves by the door and is replaced by a warm and happy feeling,

But then you look away,

The doors open again and all that hurt and pain is back again,

You’re the cure,

The cure that will save me,

From myself, the hurt and the pain,

Please be my angel and save me from the dark,

Can’t you see how much I need you?

The End

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