Alex: Poker FaceMature

Name: Alexander Wiess (Called Alex)
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 13
Place of Residence: Hotel (5-star) (Temporarily in Reaper House)
Day Job: Thief


I stared at the cards I held. The ace of hearts, two of clubs, seven of diamonds, five of diamonds, and queen of spades. We were sitting around the dining table playing poker and I wasn't doing too great. Still, I had an amazing poker face, though I wasn't thinking much on the game at the moment.

Missing reapers? Could it be... no, not yet. Nothing was supposed to happen yet. Almost instinctively I glanced at my right arm. The throbbing it felt lasted only a moment before dissipating once more. An after effect of being bitten, apparently. Cerberus was quite fast and precise, which had surprised me. Who knew he – at least I thought it was a he – could move like that. It still wasn't as surprising as missing reapers. The implications...

I thought I was invincible. Not untouchable, of course, but so long as I played the cards right I could live through anything...

“Alex, you gonna play your hand?” Rouge asked me.

I nodded and pushed forward my remaining chips. “All in,” I said blandly. The woman was as scary at cards as she was with a gun, but I was the White Liar with a face that gave nothing. Honestly, it was all I had to go on.

Rouge, as well as Ellis, had learned this, so they decided to match me and take the risk. Rouge ended up winning with four Jacks, but I wasn't paying attention enough. How long would I be here? I didn't care too much about doing the work given to me. In fact, I was enjoying the reports I had to go through. They were fascinating. Death was something that had many, many forms. And knowing there was a place we actually went to took away the little bit of guilt I had for being interested.

That and being essentially a harbinger of death myself.

I went to my room without talking much to the others and started back on the reports. My stomach, as usually, growled fiercely at me only to be ignored. Food wasn't necessary anymore. I needed only to work toward my goal and...

And then Hermes was standing over me.

“You are a peculiar one,” he said with a slight smile.

I nodded to him. “I'm just me.”

“So you are. Though, until you came along, I had not found a person interested in doing such mundane work for a punishment.”

“Others have kissed a goddess?” I asked, deciding to humor the god. It was odd that being in the presence of a god no longer bothered me. Thanatos was an interesting god, but his appearance hadn't inspired awe into me like I once thought gods might. It was the same with Hermes. He was just... Hermes.

“Oh, of course not,” he said, “No one has been that stupid. I say you are very lucky to get off with this much.”

“I see.”

Hermes scratched his chin and sat down on my bed. I tried to focus on work but found myself watching his face. It had become serious, even for him.

“I will get straight to the main topic, then,” Hermes said in a tone that demanded attention. “We know Cerberus was put to sleep for about an hour during your punishment. Hekate insists that she can get the information out of you any time she wants, but I'm too curious to wait. So, who visited you, reaper?”

I could have laughed. I honestly could have. It was just like Thanatos said. Part one was coming into play.

So, I did was I was good at and lied. “I don't know who he was, but he was definitely a god,” I said slowly, pausing before continuing. “He... seemed to have something for Hekate and you as well...”

Lying to a gods face was no easy feat, but I managed it, or at least did well enough for Hermes to leave. Now I could focus on my punishment for the time being. At least until part two...

The End

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