Hermes's Big NewsMature

Hekate (Harper in front of humans)
Live in the underworld

~             ~             ~

After leaving Alex with his new punishment, I was called into a deity meeting, without my approval. All the gods were present and sitting in their designated spots, including Persephone, who looks how I feel.

Hermes clears his throat. “There has been a breach.”

My blood freezes. Breach? We never had one before.

“We lost three reapers,” Hermes continues. “They have finished all 100 reaps before their time due to an attack at my system. Someone hacked, sent those reapers on a rampage and now the reaper souls don’t exist.”

Persephone passes out.

I materialize a glass of water.

“How? Reapers get to be reincarnated or at least have a choice,” my voice shakes.

Hermes shakes his head. “I have my team working on it now. New rules. All reapers on your teams will be living with the lead heads. I have already set you guys up in large houses to accommodate all the personalities.”

Each of us receives a key and a paper with an address on it.

“You shall now collect all your reapers. Hekate, collect Alex, I set up a room just for his punishment inside the house. I shall send you all locations of all the reapers. Make sure to check their dictionaries of their reaps. If you do not recognize a reap, report it immediately. You may have to divide yourself into several entities because you will need to follow the reapers to see if there is any fowl play during the reaps. Watch for demons.” Hermes sighs.

A couple of leads start talking at once.

Hermes clears his throat. “Be off to find your reapers. Make sure all are found. I will stop by each team to make sure everything went smoothly.”

In the next second I am in the underworld in front of a shocked Alex.

I tap him on the shoulder and teleport us to our new house.

He starts chatting but I push him inside the enchanted room and teleport myself to Charlotte’s where I find Fred. I knew I would find those two together. I don’t give them time to think and take them back to the new house.

Beatrice will go with Persephone. 

The End

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