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Hekate (Harper in front of humans)
Live in the underworld

~             ~             ~

I got hours to kill until the next meeting with the reapers so I decide to invade Persephone’s bakery.

The doorbell of the bakery rings to signal my entrance. Persephone is sitting in a booth in the back with what looks like to be a fruit pie. I make my way towards her, hands in my pockets. After I slide in opposite her, she waves her hand in the air.

“Bring my guests, coffee cake please,” she calls.

I smile. “You always know what I like.”

A cute waiter brings me my cake and I smile at him flirtatiously. He gives me a look over and winks.

“Now that you’re done flirting, by the way, he’s mine, let’s get to business,” she sits back and I hear her cross her legs.

“Beatrice,” I say her name with venom. “Not only did you actually get her to do a reap, but did you know she smokes? But, she still has long ways to go. She showed up late to her reap and smoke has become part of her aura.”

“Oh, don’t blame me for that one,” she laughs. “My four reapers influenced her. Do you want me to take her back?”

I sigh and bite into the coffee cake. Too bad, I can’t have my reapers meet me here. Persephone is in charge of this part of town, her territory.

“Because of her lateness to the reap, Charlotte did the reap. I mean, I am glad that soon she will be in the positive but this is not the way to do it,” I growl.

She takes a bite of a strawberry from her pie. “I had one of my familiars watch the area for me. You yelled at her. No wonder they hate you.”

I narrow my eyes at her.

“Remember Hekate, when I am in charge of the reapers, I always get like this so don’t you dare yell at me,” she waves her fork in the air in front of my face.

It’s my turn to laugh. “True, you are a sweetheart otherwise.”

She coughs before speaking in a dead tongue. “So I heard what happened between Alex and Hebe. If a reaper gets an idea to kiss a goddess, he might get other ideas, like look for a way to kill an immortal,” her face gets serious.

I finish my cake and reply back in the dead tongue. “I already thought of that. There is no way to kill one of us, but there is a way to put us to sleep for some time. The only ones who know this are the gods so if Alex does start thinking along those lines, we have to be prepared.”

The rest of the conversation will continue in the dead language.

“You really think one of our own would divulge that information?” She asks.

“Immortals love games, one of them is bound to do something stupid,” I reply.

“But, hopefully not trust a twit like that. I don’t like your Alex. Beatrice doesn’t have a high opinion of him either.” She says, thoughtfully.

“Blame Hermes,” I reply. “He is the one that sets up the reaper teams.”

The serious mood is broken.

“You guys still together?” She asks.

“More or less like always,” I reply.

“So what did Alex get for kissing a goddess?” She asks.

“I punished him to do paperwork in hell. I made him go over reaper files,” I reply.

“Who you have watching him?” She asks.

“My lovely Cerberus,” I smile. “Speaking of him, I haven’t petted his three heads today. Got to go.”

“Wait. What about Charlotte and Freddie?” She asks me.

“Charlotte is still acting like queen bee and Freddie is quiet like always. I have a feeling that next time, I will either find them together or find one covering for the other,” I get up and wave.

I teleport to hell in time to see Alex walk back to the desk away from Cerberus. I walk over to Cerberus and put his legs.

“How are you sweetheart?” I ask.

I get nuzzled in return. I get a whiff of magick; a god’s magick. I just cannot tell whose.

“Have you been asleep, my lovely?” I whisper.

One of the heads nods.

I bite my lip and count to ten to not lash out on Alex. Someone visited him, he will not tell me who. It is not in his interest.

“I changed my mind,” I walk close to him.

“About what?” Alex turns, holding a piece of paper.

“I want you to wash this entire hall. Cerberus is big pup, he needs clean space to rest while babysitting you.” I snap my fingers and cleaning supplies appear. “You are not to leave this hall for any reason until you are done. That door will be locked, no one will go through to help you. You will receive no help. After you clean this entire hall, you will start on doing an inventory of the reasons behind each death.”

The papers of the reapers are replaced with those of the dead.

“I want to know what is the biggest cause of death,” I smile at him.

Alex looks from cleaning supplies to the new papers.

“You really thought you would only be doing papers about reapers? You kissed Hebe, your punishment is much worse,” I laugh and walk through the door, locking it so no god would be able to under. And if someone does, I would only have three guesses who.

After that, I appear back on the human plane and feel one of my reapers die. I look to the sky. It is interesting that he died. Wonder the cause. I walk down the boulevard past couples and look at the stars. Soon, I feel him wake up again. I wonder… will I know the reason behind his moments of death?

The End

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