Name: Alexander Wiess (Called Alex)
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 13
Place of Residence: Hotel (5-star) (Temporarily in Hades)
Day Job: Thief

I was punished to do paperwork.

Originally I had thought I would be doing some sort of boring work like categorizing the dead souls or something - I figured if the gods had adapted to the current age that maybe their systems would as well - but instead it turned out to be the reapers themselves I was going over. It was fascinating.

For example, Jack the Ripper had not been a killer at all. He had been a reaper who wanted fame. The real killer of those prostitutes had been a religious cult who shunned whoring. Jack - whose real name was Jacob Mathews - just took the credit by being seen on occasion. He had, in essence, became an infamous killer while not taking a single life. An amazing man. Well, to me, at least.

I had been reading over and organizing the papers for a week now. I had found other reapers like the Ripper who had done similar things to become remembered. I had also found interesting styles of reaping. One man - named Demitri West - had used his bare hands to rip out his reaps hearts. Of course, he would really rip their hearts out, but it was interesting to me.

Sadly, I was not the first to use a scythe. A man named Donovan Grimm had used one in the early colonial days. Another named Harrison Jones had used one during the Victorian Era. But I was not displeased. I still preferred the weapon at my side. I gripped the wooden handle of the scythe that lay beside my makeshift desk, then lay it back down as a growl sounded behind me.

I decided to take another look at the beast that watched over me; Cerberus, the Guardian of Hades. To be honest, he was exactly like I imagined. Massive, for one, three large heads that looked sort of like a mastiff mixed with a bulldog, for two, and intelligent. Had he stood up, the beast could have probably toughed the top of a two story building. The most unnerving part about the beast, however, was that it always watched me. The heads took shifts, as far as I could tell, and never bothered to move.

It was the ninth day that all three heads fell asleep.

Had I not been paying attention to the beast between reading, I would not have noticed at all. I stood out of my chair, expecting to be sore since I hadn't moved for over a week, and found myself no different than when I had came to Hades. Odd, but I decided to ignore that.

"Why are you asleep..?" I said to myself, taking a step toward Cerberus.

"That would not be wise."

I turned to see a man dressed in a black robe. He was tall, but the robe covered any other trace of a description I could gain from looking alone. His voice, however, was very distinctive. It was like... I was talking to a harmony of angels instead of one man. Had I not been more worried about who the newcomer was, I might have stared in awe.

I took a guess. "You put it to sleep?"

A movement in the robed figure told me he had. "I have some of my brother's powers at the moment, though I can only make it sleep for an hour at best. Cerberus is not to be taken lightly."

"Who are you?"

The figure pulled back his hood, showing a handsome, yet sly man's face. His pitch-black hair was pushed back and narrow eyes stared at me from a clean shaven face. "I am called Thanatos, God of Peaceful Death, and I have some things to talk with you about, Alexander Joseph Weiss."

Another interesting thing. "Alright," I said, glancing at the slumbering form of Cerberus.

The god smiled viciously. "You ARE an interesting one."

The End

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