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Hekate (Harper in front of humans)
Live in the underworld

~             ~             ~

After Alex is taken into the underworld by Hades, Hermes takes his seat.

“You look annoyed love,” he tells me as he signals a waitress over.

“Of course, I am annoyed, reapers changed in this time and age. Used to be easy and boring and now it’s just annoying,” I reply.

“Well you can’t step down until your reapers get 100 reaps,” Hermes reminds me. “Black coffee.”

The waitress doesn’t stay to hear more, she walks off to get his order.

Before I can reply in a snide remark, I sneeze into my paper napkin. My nose cringes in annoyance as I slam the napkin on the table.

“Looks like someone is having bad thoughts about you,” Hermes scolds me with his finger.

“Four guesses who,” I reply and drink some of my coffee.

“Well you have been known one of the sweetest goddesses,” Hermes points out again. “I’m still wondering where all the anger is coming from.”

“Young kids make me mad,” I reply curtly. “Alex kissed a goddess. Beatrice thinks she’s badass. Charlotte pissed me off on many occasions, only Freddie seems to be on the down low. Can’t guarantee he will stay that way.”

“Why not?” Hermes receives his coffee.

“Three reaps for one day,” I tell him. “Honestly, Hermes, you need to go easy on my kids.”

“Well because I knew you would be sending Alex away, I had to have your other reapers work harder,” Hermes shrugs.

“Yeah, except they probably think I have something against them,” I glare at him.

“You mean you don’t?” He asks over, grinning over his cup.

“I do, but three or five reaps a day is tiring, especially when it’s at different locations of the city,” I wave my hand over my head signaling for one more cup of coffee.

“Well, Beatrice’s team will be here for a while so I can split the reaps between the two teams. Better?” Hermes asks.

“Much,” I growl.

“Gotta go love,” Hermes says before disappearing.

I am left alone again. I sigh before walking out. Feeling lonely is normal for me.

~             ~             ~

In the morning, we meet in a different café, two streets down. My reapers look mad and tired. I roll my eyes.

“Choose what you guys want from the menu, I’m paying this morning,” I tell them and receive to my satisfaction, shocked expressions. “Don’t waste my time please.”

They relax and look over the menu. Freddie looks up from his menu at me. I look at him back. After a minute he looks back to the menu and I materialize a nail filer for my nails.

After about five minutes of silence, I ask, “Know what you want?”

“Yes,” the three of them reply.

“Good,” I smile at them and waive the waitress over.

She takes their orders. I look to my reapers, all of them ordered lots of food, no problem for me but it does show me that they are tired and we haven’t been together for a long time. After the waitress leaves, Freddie clears his throat.

“Where’s Alex?” He asks me.

The others sit up straighter, waiting for my response.

I sigh. “He is serving his punishment with Hades.”

“What did he do?” Charlotte asks. She would be curious since I threatened her with the underworld.

“He kissed Hebe for a taste of ambrosia, he will be with Hades for a month,” I reply. No point in hiding. “If you try anything like that, the punishment will be far worse.”

They nod.

I lean back in the corner of the booth, Beatrice sits next to me and I feel her fear of me. Makes me want to laugh.

“We… we haven’t received our reaps for today,” Beatrice says to cover her fear.

“And you won’t,” I reply, again seeing shocked expressions. “I’m giving you a day off.”

“Does that mean tomorrow we will be worked like horses?” Freddie asks.

I rest my palm in my hand and look at him, not angrily. “No, each of you from now on will have two reaps a day. Beatrice’s team is still around so the reaps are divided between the two reaper teams. If you think two reaps per day is too hard, you haven’t had a hard day of work yet.”

The waitress comes back with the food, a waiter with her because she could not carry everything.

I give Charlotte $200 in twenties. “Pay when you guys are done. Beatrice, let me through please.”

Beatrice gets up; I slide through the booth and fix my black dress.

“Enjoy your day off,” I smile at them and walk out of the café. 

The End

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