Name: Alexander Wiess (Called Alex)
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 13
Place of Residence: Hotel (5-star)
Day Job: Theif


The ambrosia was useless. Or, at least, I thought it was useless. After I had kissed the goddess, I felt different. I was excited, even tempted to try and test anything new I had gained, but soon I realized the feeling was gone. It had only lasted for about an hour. I needed more. Not just a stolen taste, but a whole cup! Where would I find it, though? And how would Hebe react to that. I knew she wouldn't leave me alone now. 

I was going to receive some sort of punishment. 

I walked into the coffee place and sat through a robbery while holding a cup of coffee in my hands. Usually I would have been excited and terrified in a robbery, but for some reason I had lost all sense of care for reacting upon my failure some time back with Hebe.  Beatrice's coming was somewhat of a surprise, though mainly how she had changed, but I didn't focus on it. Instead, I focused on my notebook with all my thoughts and ideas I had written down. 

There had to be an answer in here somewhere. The boss had been giving me more reaps lately, as if trying to keep me busy. They were always far away from each other, though, so I had to travel every time. I had had little time to think hard on my dilemma. 

"...even listening?"

I looked at Ellis. He was speaking to me. 

"Sorry, what?"

Ellis pointed at Beatrice. "You going to say anything to our friend here? She just got back." Something in his voice said he had an ulterior motive for bringing me in the conversation, but I didn't pay any attention. The man had probed my head for a while as if trying to search for a cause of something for a week before I decided to leave that apartment and move around for myself. I had finally found a hotel that I could crash in for a while using all my stolen money, though. 

I looked at Beatrice. "How many?"

She cocked her head like I had said something weird. "Sorry?"

I sighed. "How many reaps have you completed?"

She smiled. "Three. Didn't even need help with the last two." It was obvious she was proud about this. "What about you? Probably four or five, right?"

I shook my head. "Thirteen." They had each been very satisfying, too. But with each reap, I knew my time as a reaper grew shorter. It was... Bittersweet, to be sure. 

The goddess spoke up then. "Alex has been very good at completing reaps since you've been absent, though he still has places to grow." Hekate gave me a stern look, just as she had been for some time. Could she know about Hebe..?

"Well..." Beatrice said slowly, "good for you."

Charlotte muttered something I couldn't hear and shook her head. "Who cares? It's not like he's the most successful reaper to come. I knew another who completed all his reaps in two months." It was obvious she was aggravated, so I decided not to say anything. 

After some discussion, Hekate sent her reapers along, giving everyone but me assignments. It wasn't odd, as there wasn't always a reap for me to do, but the fact that she mt me at the door was. 

"Sit back down, please." 

Despite the please, I knew I did not have a choice. Had I been a normal person, I might have felt guilt. I, however, knew I was not normal. I realized I had been expecting something like this.

We sat down and sat there for a little while. I didn't bother buying another drink; I needed to pay for the hotel room soon and I was low on cash. Hakate finally sighed and looked me in the eye.

"You know why I am talking to you now, right?"

I nodded. She knew. 

"I had to wait so I can clear things with Hades, but I'm giving you a punishment." Hades? Like, the god of the underworld. Damn, this couldn't be good. But, I wouldn't be sent on, like I was afraid of. That was something. "You are going to do some paperwork for him. Understood?"

I nodded. Nothing to do but endure. "For how long?"

"A month." Damn, that was a good bit of time... But I did steal a kiss from a goddess.

"And my reaps?"


"When do I start?" It was better to get done with it now than wait. 

Hekate smiled viciously and her eyes looked past me. "Right now."

A hand gripped my shoulder and the world blinked away. 

The End

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