Let's try this againMature

Name: Beatrice Tanner (alias: Sixpence) 
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 3
Place of Residence: None
Day Job: ???


"You have no idea how much effort it was to get that set up," I continued when everyone bar Hekate just kept staring. I sighed, leant on the back of Charlotte's chair and nodded to the goddess. "Thanks anyway. Ma'am."

Hekate raised an eyebrow. Given that our last interaction had involved me calling her a liar and getting slapped, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised she hadn't entirely believed my message.

"Who did you give this one to, Hermes? I barely recognise her." The goddess spoke to the messenger who had escorted me back. She did seem genuinely surprised.

However - arrogant, maybe, stupid, probably - but I didn't feel like letting her ignore me.

"Persephone. Friend of yours?" I answered, cutting off Hermes.

Something like annoyance flashed through Hekate's eyes but was gone in an instant.

"Taking a very convoluted definition of the word," she replied curtly. I decided not to push the question. Despite it all I was actually trying to give a half decent second impression.

After I'd flipped out over the pile-up and been taken away on Hekate's order - which did, weirdly, take me a few days to get over - I'd been transferred to a different team. All four of the reapers were... well, not veterans, given that this job doesn't tend towards long term employees (Charlotte being an outlier), but they were all pretty competent. And more to the point, significantly more even tempered, sympathetic and helpful than my once and present company. Which is, I guess, what happens when you've got a lady like Persephone at your head. Not to insult my employer, but Hekate did have a little bit of a temper on her at times.

Anyway, I'd spent maybe a month or so with Persephone's team (although I didn't seem to have been gone for that long, so either I was using a weird calender or time didn't flow the same in the presence of deities), come round to the reality of the job, taken up smoking (after all, it couldn't kill you, as I'd been told) and discovered that once you got the hang of the fact you weren't really killing folk, it wasn't so bad. Bit unpleasant, bit messy sometimes, but as the so-called queen of the underworld had made a very clear point of showing me - there were far worse positions to be in. And I'd got hold of a damn nice sword along the way.

Then, when I thought I wanted to try going back to my proper team (don't ask me why, I don't know myself), Persephone had talked to Hermes, and Hermes to Hekate, and I had cadged the chance of a sorta grand entrance in the middle of it all, and still managed to be late.

Oh well. The looks of bewilderment just about made up for it. Especially Charlotte's face. She couldn't have looked more shocked if you'd told her she had to wear a dress made out of fish.

"Uh... welcome back?" said Frederick after a long pause, sounding very unsure about it.

At least someone said something.

The End

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