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Hekate (Harper)
A large number of reaps +1
Live in the underworld

~          ~          ~

I breathe out a puff smoke from the cigarette and sit back. Hermes is going to pay. When I wanted something interesting to happen, I didn’t mean that I wanted crazy reapers on my team.

Beatrice is under another team and Alex is acting weird. Freddy is so far being Freddy; same goes for Charlotte. I change from my cigarette to a glass of liquor and look up the reaps for tomorrow. Freddy has two, Alex has one and Charlotte has three again.  I am going to get that girl into a positive count and make sure she moves on. I do not want to have a lingering soul out here for long and she has been here for way too long.

I look up to see Hebe standing there. She is shaking. “Hebe? What brings you to the underworld?”

She doesn’t answer. She walks up and finishes the cigarette that I have abandoned moments ago. Then she finishes my glass. Then she screams.

“What is this about?” I get irritated and get up. I push her into my chair and hover over her.

“I think you are the only goddess who can wear revealing night dresses all day long,” Hebe says.

“I’m comfortable like this. Now, don’t stray from the subject,” I use my goddess voice on her.

“Well you may as well get used to having me as your roommate. Zeus is going to go berserk if he finds out what happened,” Hebe responds quietly.

“And what happened?” I start tapping my foot and lit another cigarette.

“Your stupid reaper happened! He was asking me about how ambrosia tastes like and kissed me! That little fuck kissed me,” Hebe yells and starts crying hysterically.

“Which reaper?” I ask as I smoke the cigarette like there’s no tomorrow.

“Alex,” Hebe says and looks up at me.

“Did you have some ambrosia before seeing him?” I ask.

She gulps, “yes.”

“Don’t worry; it will act like a drug. He will feel different for maybe an hour. Reapers cannot gain immortality like that. You know as well as I that out family does not need recently deceased becoming immortals. We have a lot of precautions but he will be punished,” I lit a second cigarette and Hebe takes one too.

Hebe sighs in relief. “All that stress made me forget. But Zeus can still punish me for letting it happen.”

“He will not,” I say sternly. “And I figured out his punishment.”

“What is it?” Hebe asks.

“He will be doing some paperwork for Hades. He needs to learn where the dead go after dying to move on. He will read about some ex-reapers as well. If he will start taking notes or doing something unusual, Cerberus will bite his leg off. Of course, Alex will not be told that Cerberus will do that. A little nice surprise. He will learn not to mess with the gods,” I laugh at my idea. “He will not know it is a punishment until Cerberus attacks.”

“Is that really a punishment? I mean the leg will grow back,” Hebe says thoughtfully.

I lean forward and eye her, “I didn’t know you have some darkness in you dear. It will grow back after a week so he will be in physical pain for a week.”

“I still think that’s too light of a punishment for his crime,” Hebe responds.

“Don’t worry, he will receive a lot more punishments if he keeps going the route he is on,” I tell her confidently.

“If you say so,” Hebe says reliantly.

I open my cell phone and transfer Alex’s reap to Freddy. Then I send the assignments to the reapers. We are to meet at 9:00AM at the same café. Let Alex think that I do not know what happened. 

The End

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