Ambrosia and ImmortalityMature

Name: Alex

Year of Death: 2014

Total Reaps: 1

Place of Residence: Apartment

Job: Thief, Reaper


I wandered through the streets, wandering about my recent changes. 

All my life I had not really felt much in the way of anything. I went with the flow and just followed the path that was expected of me. College, work, friends... They were all just things I did out of the assumptions of society. I couldn't find the will to care. 

Sure, I liked helping people. I gave to charity in life when I could. I held doors open and walked the elderly across the street on the rare occasions they needed it. I was considered a model citizen by my family. I truly did care about them, but not like I should, I think. 

Until now, I didn't think I could care about things this much. 

Death was exciting. Seeing the shades, freeing the souls, and feeling like some sort of god. I guess I just always wanted power and control... I never had it before. It was addictive. Since my first reap I have been trying to think of ways to gain more of it. How, though?

I stopped in place as I noticed two guys I knew - John and Mark - heading down the street. They always went out to strip clubs and wasted nearly a hundred dollars a piece every visit. An idea formed in my head, then. 

I ran toward them, gaining a few looks from the few people who walked the streets at this late hour. My scythe was light as I sliced through their bodies. As I expected, both Mark and John seemed to slouch and go into a zombie-like state. They were always the rowdy ones, so it was odd to see them like this. Of course, I only knew them from my living job. 

I quickly pulled out their wallets and stuffed my pockets with the twenties I found inside. That would last me for a while. As I quickly placed the wallets back and headed on my way, I thought back to the research I had done in high school regarding the gods and goddesses. I didn't remember much outside of the obvious, but anything that would give me an edge on them would help. I had learned of Hades being real now and I didn't want to stop being a reaper. Plans needed to be made.

"You're an odd one."

I jumped and sliced behind me. I had barely missed a woman with golden curls. She was beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that identified her as a Goddess. Somehow it was getting easier to tell. 

"What do you mean?" I asked nervously. Who knew which goddess this woman was?

"Taking money from people..." She said teasingly, "I don't think that's very nice, huh?"

I smiled. "They don't need to waste their money on strippers," I told her. "I'm Alex."

She smiled brightly. "Oh, I know. You may call me Hebe."

Hebe? That was... Damn, I knew this! "I suppose you're Goddess of beauty?"

Hebe laughed cutely - I couldn't think of any other way to take that laugh - and shook her head. "Goddess of Youth, actually. I came to see the oddest of Hekate's group."

Oddest? I wondered what rumors had spread about me. Maybe it was the scythe? "How can I help you?" I asked, trying to remember what I knew on the Goddess of Youth. She could bring youth, right? And Zeus loved her and adored her with gifts. She wasn't born of him, though... Hmmm.

"Oh, I'm quite done. I just wanted to see you once is all." She turned to leave after that. No, wait, I needed to stop her!

"Hebe!" I called, causing the goddess to stop and turn toward me. "I wanted to ask you about ambrosia. The meal that can make you immortal."

She cocked an eye at me, as if I was mad. "It's nothing you'll ever taste, reaper." 

I laughed nervously. "No, no, I just want to know how it tastes. From a Goddess' perspective, of course." 

She smiled, taking in my words. Her tongue licked her lips, then. "I just had some, so I guess I can tell you. It's like-"

Before I realized my own thinking, I was kissing the goddess. 

I had made out with other girls. It had been fun, but ultimately nothing I truly missed. Something that just passed the time when you were alone. This, though. The goddess' mouth tasted of something I could not describe in a million years. It was beyond sweet, beyond perfection. 

And it was gone. 

I found myself on the sidewalk, looking up at a very angry goddess. 

"HOW DARE YOU!" She roared, anger distorting the beauty, "KNOW YOUR PLACE!"

I swallowed hard. Was this how it ended? Me being foolish enough to think I could steal the ambrosia from a goddess' mouth? Well, I had experienced bliss and purpose, maybe...

Hebe's face had changed to fear. "No..." 

And then she was gone. 

Well, that had been odd. I picked up my scythe and brushed off my clothing. I had to get back and try to salvage my reaper job. No doubt I would be punished for this. Why did I feel so good, then, if I knew punishment was coming? It felt like I was more powerful now. 

No, I couldn't have succeeded. Could I?

The End

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