Reaper reactionsMature

Name: Frederick Newland
Year of Death: 2013
Total Reaps: 18
Place of Residence: Seattle University
Day Job: Conman


When Hecate let us go, she seemed satisfied of Charlotte's performance.  Beatrice was a whole other story.  Alexander on the other hand still seemed cool about the whole ordeal and seemed to take a morbid pleasure in it...

Our little reaper group seemed like a microcosm of reactions; the one who couldn't handle it and freaked out, the ones who simply hardened and lastly was Alexander Weiss who seemed to just go along with it. 

That wasn't good. People have certain reactions to negative stimuli; violence, helplessness, isolation or the fact that your entire grasp of reality was fictional. When exposed repeatedly, to them, we harden, become desensitized to it. That's not a good thing, weakness and fear makes us human. Alexander reacted to having his whole world shattered with perfect ease, something only someone with a weak grasp on the whole concept of reality would do. In short; Alex was probably bonkers and that was bad...

When I'd get home, I'd need to find more about him, before it caused a mess.


The Seattle U dorm room I used wasn't the best place I'd camped at, far from it, but it was stable enough and had a lot of amenities.

I'd stolen the identity of my first reap, some kid from out of state named Ellis Dahmers, it hadn't been much trouble to keep the place thinking he was still alive, and get me to assume the identity. Once you have a social security number it's not too hard to get a driver's licence and from there you can easily get whatever else you needed. Although it wouldn't hold to the most in depth checks, it easily passed most cursory glances which was better than getting arrested without legal papers.

I'd done it many times in my run as a con artist. People and system are easier to fool than they think, for the most part you just need to look like you know what you're doing and that you belong there and you were in business. Then you just had to make sure you wouldn't get caught, I'd always preferred cons that relied on the mark getting greedy and trying something illegal, they never called the cops on you. Of course, that hadn't saved me when Mr. I-bet-my-children's-inheritance-on-a-card-game-you-said-you'd-make-me-win-with-a-cheat had come for me with a gigantic knife.

In the end, I'd gotten recruited as a reaper as a replacement for some trucker guy who's completed his tour of duty...

When I arrived home, I closed the door to the dorm room behind me and saw that Jackie wasn't there. He wasn't too bad company for a huge bloated goth and he generally left me alone. I lit what must had been my fiftieth cigarette of the day and settled on the bed, relaxing eyes closed.

I could work later...

The End

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