Hekate-Want to meet my dogs?Mature

Hekate (Harper)
A large number of reaps +1
Live in the underworld

~          ~          ~

Dinner was good, it almost felt like I was human. The reapers showed more of their personalities and I decided that I like Charlotte. I won't tell her that though.

After Alex left, I texted Apollo to follow him and make sure the kid didn't do anything stupid. I would have sent Freddie to look after him, but Freddie along with Charlotte was in trouble with me.

Apollo agreed to the job but only if I would treat for drinks later. That god needs to get his priorities straight.  I walk back to the table and lean against it looking directly at Charlotte.

"We need to be on our way to your next reap, Red Lady. I want you to do it right, show Beatrice how it's done. Got me?" I ask her.

"You studied up on me, Mrs. Grundy?" Charlotte asked in response.

I smiled at her, "You should really learn manners Lady. I am the goddess of the underworld and the moon. Not only will I send you to the underworld as a punishment if you fail, but I will also have my dogs babysit you. You got me? They like themselves a chew toy and you will be perfect."

Charlotte stares daggers at me but nodded in agreement.

"Good, let us all go. Freddie keep Beatrice close to you," I order and lead the team out of Alex's house.

~          ~          ~

We made it to the reap location in time to see Apollo pulling up with Alex.

"New ride?" I walk up and my fingers touch the cold metal.

"But, of course. Here is your reaper back. You owe me drinks," Apollo smirks as he both of us watch Alex go stand next to Freddie.

"Did anything happen?" I ask him.

"Your reaper likes experimenting. Careful, he might be after your blood next," Apollo says and drives off.

I growl a little and look at the time. Five minutes till the reap. I walk to Charlotte who was looking at her schedule. "Figured out what happens next?"

She puts it away and nods. "Three die in five minutes. Guessing an automobile accident." She touches the gun in her hoister.

I walk to stand in front of Beatrice. "I think Charlotte got it. Watch and learn, rookie."

"Yes, ma'am," Beatrice responds and I can see her shaking.

Hermes made a mistake giving me a chicken.

Freddie takes out a cigarette and starts smoking. He looks bored out of his mind. Alex strikes a conversation with him, not really paying attention to the cross streets or the time. No one else is out on the street.

The time arrives. There is a car skidding sound which puts Charlotte on guard.  That sound echoes again but from a different car. We turn to see two cars, looks a street race. I turn my head to the opposite direction to see a car coming from the opposite direction. I guess the drivers should have chosen a different location for street racing.

Charlotte aims and shoots first at the two street racers. The cars are about to collide..with a lot of skidding noise in the background and she shoots in time the third driver. Second before the three cars hit each other.

Three souls to find peace in my underworld.

I looked at Freddie, he still looks bored. Alex is watching curiously the scene and Beatrice is ghost white.

"So boss, how did I do?" Charlotte asks as she looks at the three souls who have started yelling and screaming in their new ghostly forms.

"We'll talk when they move on," I answer her.

"Right, right boss," Charlotte responds, putting away her gun.

"I...I did not sign up for this! I...she killed them! If she didn't shoot...they would have lived," Beatrice goes hysterical.

"If she didn't shoot, those souls would not be screaming right now but would be trapped inside their dead bodies. They would be feeling the impact and the pain!" I slap her face.

"I don't want to be a reaper. You are lying to me!" Beatrice yells at me while touching her now red cheek.

"Hermes!" I call his name.

Seconds later, he appears. "What's up? This reap was done well. Good for Charlotte."

I look away from him to look for the three ghosts. Charlotte was standing by the cars looking to the right where a bright light was disappearing fast.

"Yeah, she did well. I want this reaper off of my hands. Send her to boot camp or a boss who can handle rookies. I don't have time for this," I point at Beatrice.

"Alright, I get it. When she gets through her training, I will send her back to you," Hermes says as he walks up to Beatrice.  "Come on sweetie pie. I will show you to your new boss. She is much sweeter than Hekate."

Then the both of them disappear.

The End

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