Exploring the ReaperMature

Name: Alex

Year of Death: 2014

Total Reaps: 1

Place of Residence: Apartment

Job: Reaper


It had worked!

I smiled inwardly before placing my scythe against a wall and joining the others at the table. The boss was staring at me oddly, but I decided to ignore it. I usually would have asked if I had done something wrong but... This whole situation had opened my eyes. I felt like a new man. No more being the river that moved along with everything. With that last test, I was now going to move against the world in order to help it.

"What took you guys so long?" Ellis asked. He looked only mildly curious as he took a mouthful of pasta. It did look delicious, so I dove into my own food as well. I had forgotten how much my stomach ached for food.

"Just work," I lied, taking another bite of my pasta. "This is really good."

"Well, thanks," Ellis said.

Beatrice piped up at that moment. "So how was it, Alex? The reap, I mean?" Well, I couldn't tell her about the euphoria I felt when the man's soul left his body, so I decided to just say something one of the others would say.

"It was easy, but pretty dull."

All the time, Hekate was eying me. Maybe she was curious about what I had been doing up until I got back... Well, I would never tell her any of that. It would likely be the same as signing my own real death warrant. Beatric seemed happier about my description, but I knew she would find out soon that it was anything but dull. Well, that wasn't my problem. I finished up while the other were talking about jobs like when we had come in and got up to leave. Hekate met me at the door.

"Where are you planning to go? Isn't this your home?" There was a threat behind that, though a friendly one. I smiled and grabbed my scythe.

"I just want to walk about is all. No need to worry, I'll be back." And I left.

No time to waste. It took a while, but eventually I found a tall building with about 15 floors. It was perfect for my next test. Though, the first had proven a good bit. Those men had beaten me as much as a man could be beaten and yet I was alright after leaving the bar. The disguise we had as reapers seemed to be one for circumstances. At least my imaginary beard didn't itch. I made my way through the building and up to the top floor. Inside I felt a little nervous. Those punches from earlier hadn't hurt at all, but a jump from a building was not exactly like a punch. This could hurt. A lot.

I steeled myself by the time I reached the top floor. The wind blew at my shirt and the scythe moved slightly with it. That nervousness was back, too. I swallowed hard and moved to the edge of the building. Well, this was it. No hesitation. I had to find out.

Before I could move, a hand grabbed my shoulder. At first, I thought it might have been Hekate, but when I turned I realized it was not her at all. From the biker outfit and his appearance, not to mention that air that screamed better-than-you, I recognized Apollo instantly.

"Hekate texted me and told me to keep an eye on you," he said, "What are you doing?"

Well, no need to lie to him this close. I'd done my research on Apollo in high school, though seeing him in person should have been amazing enough for me to forget about his powers.

"I'm testing my limits." I said simply.

He sighed and scratched his head. "If you jump, you'll just black out and wake up at your residence later, rookie. Alright?" I nodded and let him lead me away. This experiment was complete. Now I just needed to check one more thing. I glanced at my scythe and tried to figure out how to nick the God's leg without seeming threatening...

No, not yet. Wait for now.

The End

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