Hekate (Harper)
A large number of reaps +1
Live in the underworld

~          ~          ~

Hermes gave me two rookies, who were absolutely without doubt opposites! I have a scared little girl and a guy who is a pro. After Alex has finished his first reap, something changed in him. The way his eyes changed…I need to keep a close eye on him.

“Alex?” I ask him, letting my hair fall down my shoulders.

“Hmm?” He asked looking away from his full length scythe.

“Why don’t you go back to the apartment? I am betting Charlotte or Frederick is going to start going crazy soon. Don’t want anything broken now do we?” I smiled up at him and pushed in the direction of the apartment.

He stumbles but catches himself. “What about you?”

“I have a date with another god. I will be there in thirty minutes. I do have to make sure the rest do their reaps. Charlotte needs to finish hers, Beatrice has one and then there’s Frederick.” I tell him and do a shooing motion.

He watches me closely and I can tell that he is thinking of a response. “See you in thirty minutes, then.” He turns around and walks slowly toward the apartment.

Rain falls.

“When I heard you have a reaper team, I almost fell down from my throne.” A voice made me turn around.

“Hebe,” I say the name of the goddess of youth.

“Long time no see Maiden, you always favor to show your youthful side when you can be a mother or a crone.” Hebe says in her usual mocking voice.

“I see you ran out of Ambrosia if you can show me disrespect. But, let’s be friendly with each other. What brings you onto the mortal plane?” I walk over and touch her golden curls.

“I was bored like you. You have young reapers, they are very imaginative. Just a warning, be careful how you treat them.” Hebe says taking back curls that I held in my hands.

“You know as well as I that reapers have no powers over gods and goddesses. We are immortal after all but you my dear shouldn’t walk around with your cup of ambrosia in the mortal plane. You never know, your clumsiness might make you lose it.” I had things under control with the reapers.

“You are right, you old crone,” Hebe said and disappeared. Too bad she didn’t understand that calling me that was in fact a compliment. But maybe she is right; I need to show that I have a graceful side.

I made my way towards the apartment. When I walked in Charlotte was talking about her first reap. Maybe she learned her lesson. I looked around Alex was not back yet.

“Hekate, want a drink?” Frederick asks me and I walk over to take an extra beer from his hands.

“Thanks,” I smile and turn around to see Alex walking in. I wonder why he showed up after me…

The End

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