Change in ThoughtsMature

Name: Alex
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 1
Place of Residence: Apartment
Job: Reaper


For some reason, the entire group - including Hekate and that gun woman - was coming to my 'house' for dinner. I wanted to excuse myself to get away from these people, but there was no opening with Hekate in her angry mode. And I didn't dare tell her what I wanted to try. 

So, we went by the grocery store and grabbed food for dinner. Then we headed to my little abode that was supposed to be my home while I was dead. Instead of helping Beatrice and Ellis with cooking, I decided to walk over to where Hekate was checking her iPhone by the door. 

"I have a question."

Hekate looked up and seemed relieved a little. Probably because I wasn't Rouge. "Ask away, Alex."

"When is my first reap?"

Hekate seemed to have an odd expression that I guessed to be a mix of amusement and appeasement. Of course, I didn't really care. I only wanted to test out a few things. There was still plenty I wanted to know about this reaper business. 

"I'm actually about to head out to another reap," the woman said, smiling slightly. "Care to come along and perform it for me?" She glanced at the long scythe in my hands. She, unlike the others, didn't ignore it. "You look like you want to."

I nodded. "Lead the way."

"Don't want to eat?"

I shook my head. "If I'm dead and can't die again, what's the point of eating?"

Hekate didn't say anything to that and just led the way. To be honest, my stomach was aching with hunger. But my curiosity at seeing a 'shade' up close was more powerful. Of course, that wasn't all I was curious about. I still wanted to see if what Ellis said was true... 

So, we headed down the street and walked for all of five minutes before getting to a large four way with a traffic jam. On Hekate's orders, I opened the Reaper Book and looked to where a message had appeared. According to this book, I had about three minutes before a man named Greg Redson was going to be hit by a car. 

"So, I just have to separate his soul and let him die, right?"

Hekate nodded. "I guess you catch on quick. Better than some rookies who do obviously stupid things..." I didn't bother asking if she meant Beatrice. "Maybe you'll be off to the next place sooner than I thought."

I didn't reply. Honestly, I still didn't know what I wanted to do. I could enjoy this time spent on earth without worry of death. I could do my duty as a reaper and help others move on. I could also do both. Right now, though, I just wanted to see a shade that I had made.

The man that the Reaper Book specified came into view and walked right by me, not even noticing I had a scythe in my hands. It was like that with all the people, but I had thought that maybe someone close to death would be able to see my true form, not the bearded face I now carried. 

Well, that was fine. I walked after him, Hekate on my trail. It seemed I wasn't going to be able to escape her for a moment after all, so I decided to try something. I stumbled on purpose and let my scythe's blade hit someone in the foot. 

Instead of hitting them, like I expected from my whole life of being human with human logic, it passed through. The blade stopped on the pavement and the man I had cut seemed to slouch. It was just like Ellis had said, then... 

"Watch where you move that!" Hekate scolded. I quickly moved on and caught up with Greg Redson just as he was crossing. I didn't know if I was supposed to wait or anything, so I just sliced him along the arm. 

A car flew by an instant later, sending the man flying onto the pavement ahead. Cars screeched to avoid hitting the perpetrator and people screamed. I, however, didn't pay attention to any of it. Instead, I was looking for the shade. It had to be around here...

"Wh-what happened!?"

I turned and saw the shade standing between me and Hekate. She nodded to me, as if telling me I should go on. I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do, so I just winged it. 

"Greg Redson," I said calmly, putting my scythe on my shoulders. "You have died from a car. It is time to move on from this world."

The man seemed to be in dismay, but he started to fade and was eventually gone. 

Hekate seemed to be thrilled at this. "You're a natural, rookie. Maybe I should get Hermes to give you some reaps by yourself already."

I nodded and followed her back to my 'house.' All the while, though, I had a small thought forming in my head. What would it be like to do this forever? It had been exciting to run the blade of my scythe through that man. It had been amazing to see his shade appear and then dissipate. It had even felt good knowing I was responsible for the dead making it to the next world. 

These feelings - excitement, joy, curiosity, and even amazement - were things I had never felt in real life! Not even when I had my first time with a girl. Or driving. Or anything else. 

Yes, this reaper business would be a pleasant change. I no longer had a reason to be the White Liar just to get out of doing what I needed to do. Now I wanted to do it.

How did I keep it though? Maybe if I killed Hermes, I wouldn't have to move on...

The End

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