Hekate-a Goddesses AngerMature

Hekate (Harper)
A large number of reaps +1
Live in the underworld

~             ~             ~

After the reapers left, I finished my coffee and paid for the drinks. Those reapers better not expect me to pay next time because that would leave a very not happy goddess. As I leave through the door of the cafe, I look up at the dark sky. Did they even recognize that they work for a goddess? Sure Charlotte and Freddy ( I will be calling Frederick like that when I feel like it) know Hermes and know who he is but not a lot of people know about Hekate anymore. I sighed and looked onto the street because of a sound of a bell. Hermes was leaning against his bike with a smug expression on his face.

"The whole bike messenger outfit doesn't suit you at night," I walk over to him and lean into him for some affection.

Hermes pulls me in closer and sets his chin on my head. "So besides admiring the moon which you are really fond of, how was your team? Disappointed? Intrigued?"

"I think one of them has started to realize that she is not the only criminal around. The rookies...not sure yet. Beatrice is jumpy but she is acting like she just died unlike Alex. Freddy is a conman through and through. But, I am still bored." I pull away from him and look at his bike. "Want a drink? I certainly need one."

"Sure, hop on. I know a bar a block away." Hermes said and we were off.

I ordered myself a Gilligan's Island while Hermes just took a beer. Sometimes he could be lazy as me but then again as the world changed, we got more bored. As people started to believe in one god they put us into a corner.  Hermes and I talked about other gods and what they were up to. Hermes did not recruit a lot to be in charge of reapers but the other gods were certainly busy with other stuff. Time just flew by. My iPhone beeped and I saw several messages, two reaps for tomorrow and one warning one.

"Charlotte!!!!!" I said very loudly getting a look from the bartender. "Shoo," I said to him and showed the message to Hermes.

"Play nice dear," Hermes said with a smug expression. Both of us knew that I wasn't going to play nice. It is like Charlotte did this on purpose, to test how I deal with penalties. "So Beatrice lost a memory of having a girlfriend, not a first time when a rookie decided to talk to the people they knew."

"Yeah but Charlotte is full of herself. She is in the negative! Been around for years! That's it! I am mad and alcohol isn't helping.  Hermes I want five reaps for the morning, not one. All of them for Charlotte and the last one for Beatrice. Your assistant sent me two reaps. One for 10:00AM for Charlotte and one for 5:00PM for Freddy. Well I need four more for Charlotte ranging between 11:00AM and 4:00PM and I want all the reapers present for all of the reaps for tomorrow. One reaper makes a mistake, all of them gets punished. After that they can break up and do their thing but tomorrow I will see if they are indeed reapers. One more!"

The bartender gave me another drink and I finished it in seconds. I was fuming, I didn't expect for something going wrong so soon. Just because Charlotte and Freddy had to learn things on their own, it did not mean that they can do this to the rookies. Hermes fault really. As of on cue, Hermes started to get up from his bar stool and I dug my nails into his shirt making him sit down again.

"Right, my fault. Look again at your phone, you should see your reaps." Hermes said and run his fingers through his hair. "At least NOW you are not bored at all"

I checked my phone and saw four more reaps, a smile spreading over my lips. "Yes I am not bored." I pressed send to the reapers. Then I sent them a message saying that all of them will be present for all the reaps that day or there will be consequences. "I will see them at 10:00AM."

"What do you want to do now?" Hermes asked me and I winked at him.

"We are going to your place tonight, lover." Hermes knew what I wanted and blushed. A god that knows how to blush, that is what I find attractive in him. We walked outside and disappeared in an ally in the back to his home. Our lips connecting on arrival. 

The End

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