Introdutions at Heartland CafeMature

Hekate (Harper)
Live in the underworld

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I decided that walking was a drag so I 'borrowed' a car. When I say 'borrowed', I meant that I stole it. I materialized a key for the car and told Alexander to get in. He was too busy thinking about what happened to him.  He is an oddball, accepting his death and his new job like that. Inside he is probably a very shaky rabbit. I started driving and thought to myself that I will leave the car a block away from the cafe and let the police find it there.

We didn't speak on the way, and ten minutes later we were walking down the street. "I prefer it if you call me Harper in front of humans. My name might mean something to them otherwise."

Alexander blinked, "Ok." If this boy continued to accept everything just like that, I might stay bored. "But why does it matter if you are the only one to see me?"

So this boy did decide to give me something to work with after all. "I will probably have to say this again later but whatever. Now that you have accepted your death and that you work for me, you gained substance. Humans will see you but to them you will not look like Alexander Weiss but as someone else. Only other reapers will see you as before you died. Before you ask, that is done so people who know you will not recognize you. To them you are dead." I wasn't sure if I should sugarcoat it but decided against it.

"Sir please get rid of your cigarette, Heartland Cafe is a no smoking establishment." A waitress of the cafe said that while blushing at the young man who looked like he could care less.

The guy blew a last smoke before throwing the cigarette to the ground and stepping on it. "Done, luv." He walked past the girl who was even redder and I could see him looking around the cafe for someone. That must be my reaper, interesting.

Alexander and I walked past the girl with saying "excuse us." She smiled and kneeled to pick up the cigarette. That girl needs a good tip for what she goes through.

The reaper chose a table for six and was already chatting up another waitress about drinks. I walked up to sit across from him and Alexander looked between the reaper and myself and chose a seat next to me.

"I'll have a coffee." I said and then closed my mouth from not being too obvious about yawning.

"And you sir?" The girl addressed Alexander.

His eyes looked like saucers. I guess it sank in that death was not what it seemed because he said, "coffee please." And then he looked away from the girl to me. I raised an eyebrow and focused my attention on the reaper.

The girl left and I had a chance to talk. "I didn't expect a guy like you to be on time."

"I got lucky. You Hekate?"  His voice was dry and it was obvious it was the last place he wants to be at.

"That's me. Call me Harper in public. So Frederick Newland right?"

"Yeah." He grunted and the waitress came back a beer and two coffees.

I turn away from the two guys and looked toward the door, two girls walked in. One was wearing a trench coat and it seemed that she was in a hurry because her hair was still a mess. I  could tell she tried brushing it but gave up. The other girl looked uncomfortable and jumpy. The trench girl walked up over to our table and sat down next to Frederick while the other girl sat down next to Alexander. We were the only ones in the cafe at the moment so I guess that is why it was so easy to walk up and sit down. My whole team is here.

"So introductions."

"Charlotte but call me Rouge." She ran her fingers through her hair and waved over the girl. "Red wine please."

The other girl said, "tea please...already had coffee today." The waitress left again.

I pointed to Frederick who grunted out of annoyance. We just established who he is and now he needs to do it again. "Frederick, you can call me Ellis."

"I'm Hekate your boss. Call me Harper." I smiled an icy smile.

"Alexander..." Alexander said while taking in all of us in front of him.

"Beatrice Tanner....nice to meet you." She smiled but then that smile disappeared.

"Great you guys are SO excited to be here. I can feel all the love." I say sarcastically. I put my black hair into a ponytail so it would stop getting in my way and then pulled out two pocket dictionaries. I handed one each to Alexander and Beatrice and smiled. "These are your pocket dictionaries. Whenever you will have a reap, you will get a message with the information.  For the first couple of rips you will tag team with Rouge and Ellis. Rouge will teach Beatrice and Ellis will teach Alex. I will tag along in the beginning so I could learn how you help the souls pass onto their next destination. Oh and guys, help the rookies find a place to live. Any questions?" 

The End

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