Well, That's a Bummer.Mature

Name: Alexander Weiss
Year of Death: 2014
Total Reaps: 0
Place of residence: Apartment Complex
Day Job: Unemployed after dying.


"Where are you, Alexander Weiss!?"

God, she was annoying today. 

I sighed and kept walking down the street I was on. I was on my way to a club to meet with some friends, but I wasn't about to tell my annoying sister that part. Course, it WAS my fault she was yelling at me. Something about meeting at Mom's place to eat dinner or something... 

"Look, I have to study for this next exam. Tell Mom I'll be up there next weekend." I didn't give her a chance to try to call me on my lie. My phone was in my pocket and turned off in less than a second. OK, well not a second, but close to it. 

Now, where was that club? Perry's Place, was it? No, it was Percy's Place... Wait... Ah, dammit, I forgot it again. Well, no worries, there wasn't many places that it could be, right? I mean this city couldn't be THAT big. 

Well, how wrong I was. Instead of meeting my friends, I ended up finding out just how many streets this damn city had. I started counting. Literally. So far I was at 57 different street names. Ridiculous... The time had moved by so much that I hadn't realized I had already missed the time we were going to be out. Thomas and the others weren't going to be happy tomorrow. I was supposed to buy the drinks...

Then again, I had a habit of lying to people. They even called me White Liar. Ironically, my last name meant White. Even more ironic was that my first name was some kind of noble one. I laughed. My parents had given me a very mismatched name. 

No, focus! 

I found my way to a metro and started reading the signs. I could use these to get home and take a shower before actually studying a little. I didn't have exams, of course. No way I would be honest with my sister of all people. But, classes were getting harder, so I needed to catch up. No way I would work in the factory my whole life. There was really only one issue in all this...

I didn't recognize any of the names on the board... 


It was then that some odd woman walked up beside me and smiled at me. Smiled. At me. That was like some rhino giving a hunter a kiss. It just didn't happen. I mean, I'm not a bad-looking guy. Women have even told me this. I'm moderately tall, got some light brown hair that I style to drop over my eyes in the same fashion as some anime hero, and I have been told that my body is in pretty good shape. 

But women don't smile at me. 

"You seem lost."

I nodded, taking the moment to observe this oddity of a female human. At first, only the words 'dark beauty' came to mind. She was shorter than me by a few inches and had the darkest shade of black hair and eyes that I had seen. And it wasn't dyed. I can tell that right off the bat from dying my own hair in high school. Bad experience.

"I just decided to wander around," I lied automatically. It was only partially due to being a liar that I said that. The other part was that being a man who is lost is not really cool in front of a woman. And I might have a chance!

"I see." The woman smiled deviously and patted me on the shoulder. "I hope you work hard in the future."

I would have commented on how weird it was for her to tell me to 'work hard' but a chill passed through me before I could speak. And when I could talk, the woman was gone. Well, I HAD had a few drinks before leaving my apartment. Maybe this was what they called powerful daydreaming. 

I shrugged it off. No use in worrying about what was probably a mental creation.

I looked both ways across the street. Only a moped coming, but he could dodge. So, I walked across the street. There was a screeching of tires and a thud, but I didn't pay attention. Big city, loud crash? Common stuff.

It was not common to look back and see my own body lying on the pavement along with a moped and it's driver. Well, that was odd. Maybe a look-a-like?

"That's you."

I turned to see the dark woman standing next to me. Well, I wasn't imagining things. Did that mean I was dead or something? Wait...

"OK, assuming you are right, how can you see me. You know, assuming I'm a ghost."

The woman looked at me oddly. "You're different from the usual ones." She pointed at my 'body.' "You died. I am here to tell you that you are not moving on, though. Instead, you are going to work as a Reaper of Souls for me."

I couldn't lie that well. And I've got years of experience. "Interesting. So, I died and now I work for you? And who are you?"

The woman smiled. "Why, I'm Hakate."

Didn't know that name off the top of my head, but it was a start. I didn't know why, but I suddenly realized that I was, in fact, dead. Honestly though, I didn't care much. No more working in that hot factory? No more classes? Well, I might like this. 

"OK, what do I do?"

"Just like that? No denial or anything?"

I shrugged. "I kind of go with the flow." Well, I was really freaking out, but I didn't want that to show. Why bother? 

So, I followed my new boss to some place she said we had to go. I wondered if anyone would miss me?

The End

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