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My name is Hekate and I am your new boss. Based on your life, you do not get your final destination until you help 100 souls to find theirs. If you haven't understood, you do not have a choice but to do this job.

The authors of this story are: GardeniasCastle, Nerathul, SapphireSoul, DethnusAckearose, and sycamore!

Hekate (Harper in front of humans)
Live in the underworld

~             ~             ~

I stretched out on Cerberus, the underworld hound who guards the gates of Hades, and yawn out of boredom. One of his heads glances at me and I ask, “What?”

Cerberus growls in response and goes back to his nap. Lazy hound.

“Been up there long?” Hermes yells from below.

I can always recognize the man by his voice, sometimes by his footsteps but I was busy yawning to pay attention to anything or anyone below. I get up and slide down the right side of Cerberus who barely moves. No care in the world, that hound.

I am bored out of my mind!” 

“Well then, I think you will like my proposition,” Hermes smirks. 

“What kind of proposition?” I ask in return. I am willing to do anything! Just to stop being bored!

“Grim Reaper team,” Hermes says each word like it tasted sweet. Makes me think of moon cakes.

“Me! Head a grim reaper team? Where is the challenge in that?” I did that maybe a century ago. I don’t remember the fun in it.

“Yes, don’t worry; I made sure to give you two interesting ones. The others you can make up your mind yourself. One dies today so I have no opinion about him but I know he will be a reaper.” Hermes is trying to peek my interest.

“Tell me about the two,” I roll my eyes to hide my interest. Both of us know that Hermes always has an eye for interesting characters.

Frederick Newland used to be a conman. Murdered by one of his victims. Charlotte Cole used to be a mob boss. Got electrocuted in an electric chair.” Hermes dusts off his shoulder. That sly sly god.

“Alright I’m in, sounds fun.”

“You will be stationed in Seattle, Washington. Alexander Weiss is going to get hit by a moped in five minutes so go on, do your duty and recruit yourself a member. One of your reapers is picking up another newbie for you. I believe her name is Beatrice. So now you know everything, oh the meeting place for your reapers is the Heartland Café on Admiral Way. Go there after your pick up of Alexander. ” Hermes orders me like I have no title at all.

“Right, right.”

“Oh and you might want to change out of your night gown. I don’t think you want the poor boy to die with a hard on do you?” Hermes motions to my black embroidered short night dress.

“Fine!” I wink and disappear. 

The End

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