You're Annoying; I Love You.Mature

You've been brought back to Konoha about two years ago and are eighteen, you have been given back most of the rights you had before you left. You can go on out-of-village missions now! But that's not exactly what's on your mind. Your best friend forgave you before you even felt sorry, and you want to tell him of the feelings you've had since you were twelve. Ah, but how to do so? You play as Uchiha Sasuke and try to win Uzumaki Naruto's heart! Careful, though, you may lose him for good!

Bright. Bright bright bright bright bright sunlight. It's shining through the window you hadn't closed the night before. Why didn't you close it? Now you're faced with the problem of the bright sun rays shining in your face and waking you up.

Well, you have no choice now. Get up and take a shower! You lazily sit up from your bed, your hand instinctively moving toward the kunai you keep underneath your pillow as you check your surroundings. You've woken up once or twice to ANBU staring at you. Well, none today, so you stand and go off on your not-so-merry little way to the bathroom to take a well-deserved shower.

The first thing on your mind when you get out is the blonde idiot that you had admitted to being your best friend. You've decided that you're going to tell him today, or at least try and start to "woo" him. That word annoys you, let's not use it again. You dress, making yourself a small breakfast and eating before setting off to find the little idiot. Let's think, where would he be?

The End

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