Your World, Not Mine

The story of an angel from heaven, sent down to Earth for a time-out. There, she meets a human boy and falls in love. But their love goes against the rules. What will they do?

Times had become difficult for me. I'm sick of being an angel; claiming to be responsible and having to watch over humans who I'm supposed to care about and make sure don't make mistakes. How come no one made sure I'd do something stupid when I was alive? It's not fair at all.

And so, I decided to step past the limits. Angels are assigned to certain humans - supposed to make sure they don't do anything reckless and be their guardians. I was playing guardian of a human who I found a very interesting specimen. His name is Evan Danston.

I enjoyed watching him get into more trouble and making his way out of it, rather than making sure he didn't get himself in that situation in the first place. Everything about him made my life up in the clouds more interesting. My actions had more serious consequences. I'm grounded.

I've been sent down to Earth, just like how I'd wanted to be. Being temporarily banished from heaven isn't exactly something a normal angel would be proud of. But it's strange how heaven is the last place I wanted to be in.

The Council decided my job would be made easier if I were able to watch over Evan by being closer to him. Though my visit to Earth made me feel more excited than I had been since death, I didn't expect my feelings to change drastically. I didn't expect him to be part of my desires.

The End

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