Kick the CatMature

You're a sick person!

What were you thinking to kick a cat like Tommy. I for one loved him (even though he whacked, scratched, and bit me).

Shame on you!

Now, you have three choices:

  1. Go back to the beginning, restart your train of thoughts, and make a goal of not kicking any more cats
  2. Kick the cat again
  3. Or spend some time meditating and rethinking your previous decision and go back to the previous branch to pick a different decision

Either way, I don't want to see you on this page again!

But I should tell you what happens if you chose to kick the cat:

Tommy jumps a foot in the air (or you could say flies off your foot and goes a foot into the air).
Tommy's eyes are now glowing bright green with hatred and annoyance, looking at you: the idiot who gave Tommy milk and then kicked him.

He pounces, you jump away, but woops, you're on the stairs, so you end up tumbling down. Tommy is down faster than you and he's waiting, just waiting.
But you are weak, bruised by the stairs and pounced upon by a cat. Tommy prepares to strike again.

Now, you wouldn't want kick this cat AGAIN? Would you? I highly recommend options one and three! Please avoid option number two and this page. But I know there are going to be those people like YOU, who might just click on "Kick the Cat Again" because you want to annoy to cat, you don't like cats, you're a sick person, you're curious, or you like doing things that you were told NOT to do.

I suggest you pick wisely. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself even more, would you?

The End

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