Whacking Your FeetMature

If you give a cat some milk, and it was slurping with a funny sound, what would you do if it did this:

As soon as I walked upstairs into my room, Tommy settled on the second step down, ready to attack when something goes by it.
But you stay in your room for another hour.
When you come out, he seems to be asleep, so you tiptoe onto the first step, and as carefully as you can, you try to step down around him. And...

WHACK! He swings a go at your right ankle. (This is probably because cats are lactose intolerant and after he drinks the milk, Tommy's tummy starts to hurt. And he knows it was you who gave him the milk. So, he whacks your feet for your stupidity.)

If your cat did such a violent thing in response of your actions, what would you do?

The End

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