You Are A HumanMature

I'm a human. Are you? (*conversational tone*)

Though ... you couldn't really know for sure, could you? All you see is a page on a site (an incredibly awesome site, but still a site).

I, for one, do not trust myself. It's the reason I don't want to become a doctor or a vet - I couldn't face the prospect of someone or something's life in my hands and would totally feel guilty forever if someone died when part of their treatment involved me. But we need people who do trust themselves, right? Because otherwise we'd have no doctors, no vets...

Perhaps I take my lack of trust in myself a little too far, though. I've not begun to learn to drive though I'm the legal age because I couldn't face that responsibility. But then again, perhaps that wasn't an awful mistake because I never did anything like vow I would never drive. And to be fair, when you still consider yourself young and see adulthood looming in the future as something completely unfair because there are like seventy years of it compared to your 18 years of childhood, driving probably is something you shouldn't consider.

But enough about me. Do you trust yourself because you have to/ it's sensible,  or maybe because you're an arrogant fool!? (I wouldn't expect anyone to choose that option, :L) Or don't you trust yourself?

The End

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