Your Own WayMature

(Working title) Aleeha finds a young boy on the streets, homeless. Her husband thinks hes just to compensate for Aleeha's brother's own disappearance, but she thinks she could help the boy. (Working synopsis too) Please review. :)

He lay in the alley. The light was just catching his young face and his eyes were dim. The thick hat he was wearing allowed me only to see part of his face. A large brown coat was pulled over his torso as he lay on his side. His jeans were covered with dirt and had a few rips. I doubted he had much else than what I saw.

Whenever I saw someone like that, in such a place that they don't even have someplace warm to sleep, I immediately felt pity for them. He looked only about seventeen, maybe younger.

I knew what Alec would say, but I did it anyway; I had to do it, I'd seen too much suffering these past few days. I walked down the damp alley slowly, until I reached him. In his gloved hand he held a small plastic cup. He shook the cup, signalling for me to give him any spare change I might have. I smiled sadly and sat down on the dank floor in front of him.

"What do you want?" He coughed heavily after speaking, like he hadn't spoken in a long time. His tone was angry, but he stayed on his side, just turning his head towards me.

"I want to help you." I said timidly. He sat up at my words and leant his back against the brick wall. I pulled my jacket tighter around me, feeling the coldness of the alley.

"Why?" He asked. I shrugged and smiled invitingly at him.

"What's your name?" He squinted at my question, probably trying to figure out what it was that I was doing. He sighed.

"Elliot." I thought I saw his mouth twitch, maybe he was just happy to have someone talking to him. It looked like he hadn't had human contact in a long time.

"Nice to meet you, Elliot. I'm Aleeha." My grin grew, seeing his blue eyes really look at me for the first time. "Would you like to come home with me? You hungry?" I held out my hand and he took it gingerly.

"Why are you being nice to me, Aleeha? You don't know me." Elliot said quietly, not looking at me now. I exhaled loudly.

"Humans should look after one another. The older ones should especially look after the younger ones." I winked at him and he smiled slightly.

"You don't look that old." I laughed as I pulled him to his feet. The coat fell off him to reveal a thin t-shirt underneath.

"Thank you, Elliot." I ran my eyes over him subtly as we started to walk slowly towards the pavement. I knew I'd only just met this boy, but (call me cliché I felt there was some sort of connection between us. I just wondered how Alec was going to react to Elliot.

The End

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