Elvira sat on the stairs, in the living room the party seemed to be in full swing. She felt very out of place, it was, after all, an adults party, and she was just seventeen. Or so she had been told.

Elvira didn't know her real age, she had been in and accident, the doctor had told her, and they had found her in a park somewhere. Nobody had come forward to claim her as their child so she had been put in a home. Nine months later, she was here, sitting at a party where she didn't belong, and thinking about nothing.

David came out of the living room followed by snatches of conversation and half-baked gales of laughter and loud music. He looked jaded, and yet, oddly handsome in his blue shirt and loosely-fitting jeans. To her surprise he smiled, and then sat down next to her.

"snatching a few minutes peace and quiet?" He asked.

"Something like that." She replied. She wanted to sleep, she needed to cool down. It was quite strange the effect David had on her.The temperature seemed to have suddenly raised.

"Hey, is there a bathroom around here? I need to go and, erm, freshen up" The words had sounded pathetically cheesy in her head, but now they were said, they soundedeven worse. However, a bathroom would be a good place to cool down, she could splash some water over her face or something. David smiled.

"Sure, follow me. The downstairs bathroom is out of order at the moment and I'm afraid the only other one is at the top of the house." He explained.

They climbed three flights of stairs before arriving outside the bathroom, Elvira thanked him and slipped in. She splashed the cool, refreshing water over her face and breathed in deeply. Then she stopped. There were voices. Not just inside her head this time. They were coming from outside. Slowly, cautiously, she opened the door.

"Ah. So that's what you were doing."

Marshall stood there, his arms folded. He was looking accusingly at David.

"What's going on?" She asked, confused.

"Oh, nothing for you to worry about, princess. I was just asking Davy here why he left me downsatirs all alone. But of course, I can see now." Marshall laughed to himself. She didn't like the way he had called her 'princess'. In fact, she was pretty sure she didn't like Marshall.

"Not that i can blame him, of course. I mean, I probably would have done the same thing in his situation."

"Sorry, what is going on?"

"Well, I come upstairs to look for David, and waht do I find? He's up here with a girl, that's what! What am I supposed to think, eh? But no harm done, I say we share and share alike eh, Dave?"

The End

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