Elvira got out from the car and then faltered. Her knees practically gave way beneath her and she struggled to hold in a gasp of pain.

"Sister? Where are you? Come home. . ."

The voices! She shuddered, shaking them from her mind. Elvira tried not to think about them, She had been hearing voices ever since she had been adopted. She clossed her eyes, remembering the first time she had discovered that no one else could here them; it had been in the children's home, she had heard them and asked the care-worker what they were saying, when the care-worker had looked at her oddly, and said that no-body was speaking. That had been nine months ago, and since then Elvira had kept quiet about them. It was probably better to have everyone beleive that you were at least sane, if not a little strange.

She fell in-step behind her adoptive parents. They annoyed her. They paid her little, if no attention and were arrogant and patronizing. When they had first expressed interest in her, it had been at he children's home, They were unable to have children and she had just wanted to get out of the crumbling, old home. It had never really been a perfect relationship but was okay.

Her 'mother' knocked on the door of David's house and the usual, tedious greetings of air kisses and 'how-have-you-been's' were fulfilled. David stood behind them all, alongside a stocky, tall boy of about the same age. Elvira passed through the gaggle of coo-ing parents and walked straight up to him and his friend.

"Hi" she said.                                                                     

"Hello" David din't smile, he looked nervous, a little sick, even.

The tall, stocky boy moved in front of David, Elvira didn't like the way he was looking at her. His eyes seemed greedy, hungry even.

The End

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