Your New Eyes

David is a boy. Elvira is a powerful, off-planet commander of an army who wants to, and is about to, rule the world. Whilst the earth lies in peril, and the human race begins to crumble, both Elvira's and David's lives begin to intertwine.

The juicy crack of bone hitting concrete. Followed by the freefall downwards, out of the sky. Almost on instinct she released endorphins  into her bloodstream, commanding the glands to pump in the pain killers, softening and dampening the pain. She felt her bones start to mend and snap back into place as she fell. Recovering, she let herself freefall for another few miles, before flipping herself out of the fall and flying purposely upwards, back towards the fight. She took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of strength returning, the thrill of the fight above her and the chill of the night air. Then there was  light. A smash of pain and confusion. This time she fell without purpose. Right in the back of the neck. The Connection failed, and with the failure, came the fear . . .

Elvira woke up. The remnants of the dream settled and began to fade, leaving behind the stale ghost of the false reality. What a stupid name ! Elvira. She hated her name. When they had found her it was the name the doctor had given her.      She glanced at the bedside clock and sprang up from where she lay. The wardrobe door was flung open, Elvira pulled on a navy shirt and a pair of faded jeans, scraping her hair back into a ponytail.                                                                                                 

The End

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