Your Move

--"A jarring call for spirited gratitude through action. Intense, vivacious, jumper cables for the soul." -- Smac972

One day, long ago, in a distant location, you were born.

Since then, you have grown in a rather untamed fashion. Wild, really. But that's life. It's natural. It's real. 'Untamed' and 'wild' are words often used when there is a fear of not having control.

But the lack of control is what touches us. The mysteries are what keep us curious. The unknown is what jumps out and awakens us when we first start to drift into complacency. The wild is the energy that beats in our hearts and makes us feel alive when the air begins to feel stagnant. And in this way, we grow.

But there comes a time when the questions begin to pile. There comes a time when the mysteries begin to haunt. There comes a time when the suspicions begin to point at the very material of your life. There comes a time when the desires begin to tug on your very heart, and no amount of instant satisfaction will help. There comes a time when you wish...for more.

And then...quite STOP. Your life pauses. You gaze behind you at your trail of actions and you look into the future at the path you walk, the dreams that loom deceptively on the horizon.

Through your entire mind, body, and soul there is a sudden and defiant CLICK.

Everything has stopped. All worries have ceased to spin. All thoughts have ceased to dance and perform. All fears have gone silent. All pettiness has vanished. All that exists is existence itself. No strings, no illusions, no words.

You take a breath.

The only thing that exists is this breath. You truly feel the life of the air you breathe. The air that belongs to the universe, the air that has drifted through the loftiest spaces between the clouds, through the tallest stretches of the maple boughs, through the mist of a waterfall, through the soft organs of an animal, and out of the crisp smell of the evergreens. And you know that the air within you is not yours, it is a part of you, and it is a part of everything. You are connected to the infinite.

You feel your body as if for the first time. You are alive. Your limbs are light and tingly. Suddenly the mysteries are filling you with such excitement. You wish to learn how every muscle in your body works. You wish to master the grace and art of movement, to freely move through the world.

You open your eyes. You see the millions of details, the textures, the brilliant colors, the shadows and light, and the graceful movement of the world.

And move. But what move do you make?

This is not a test. This is not something to analyse. This is not an esoteric question. This is not a blunt offering of 'your move' during a game of cards. And, most importantly, this is not a complex question. Let it be simple. Let go of the preconceptions, the suspicions, and the logic that wills to explain all.

What move do you make?

The End

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