Your Mold.

something old. salvaged from my old account.

I shift and squirm repeatedly just to fall into comfort next to you. My phone clock reads 3:42 A.m., you’re forty-two minutes past leaving. You’re dead asleep and my insomniac devoted mind is wandering with the shadows on my ceiling. You lay on your side, diagonally with your spine curved as your legs follow beneath the blankets. Your body gives off a fevered heat. All in all colliding with the threads of the blanket, trapping and engulfing us in warmth, I struggle to close my eyes and drift, dancing into unison with your subsequent dreams. Instead I sigh softly; you twitch in reaction, but never wake. I rise up slowly and let my eyes explore your features. You breathe soft and your lips are parted just so. Your eyes scatter in a race to keep up with your blurry thoughts. Your lips temp me to kiss you as they stretch out a small grin in your sleep. I quickly stop myself, unable to disturb you. I breathe slow and lower myself back into the mold you made with your body, for only me. I press my forehead against your bare lower chest. Then kiss you with my lips pressed hard against you. I follow the indent within your chest up toward your face for one last glance. You stir quietly and notice me. You kiss my forehead the best you can and murmur soft words I don’t understand. Ending the jumbled sequence with my name. You then struggle to allow yourself to smile under such sleepy sedate. Then, fall back into another world hidden within your eyes and mind. Leaving me behind. I bring myself back to the familiar mold and hold still, listening. Moving my head with your breathing as you pulsate softly, then I too slip away to a realm of my own.

The End

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