character introMature

im trying to write again, so bear with me as i post meaningless character intros here in an effort to make a story and have it actually go somewhere.feel free to comment and give constructive criticisms. just remember im fragile, pathetic, poetic trash <3

His hands shook as he held the pen, gripping it tight, with a force even a goddess would fear. He brushed his hair out of his eyes with obsessive tediousness, brushing his hands over the single strand one two three four times until it was out of his eye. His music hummed softly around him, blaring loudly in his ears, but creating a quieter obnoxious bass filled aura around him. His left hand gripped the notebook tightly and his right hand dug the pen into the paper, carefully but quickly etching the same letters over and over into the tattered book.

Wbym wbym wbym wbym wbym over and over, until his hand was shaking and cramping so badly he couldn't bear it. He dropped the pen and pressed his palm flat against the cool desktop, hoping the cramp would cease. “What're you doing?” a voice crept over from beside him, interrupting his ritual like focus. He glanced over towards the voice as he ripped an earbud out of his ear, accidentally coming off as menacing with his resting death glare. “Nothing.” he pressed his hand hard onto his pen ink, to cover the work from lingering eyes. “Just doodling.” He gave a weak smile and shoved his bud back in, hoping to god the kid would leave him alone.


The End

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