#1 His mother...Mature

A frail woman, who had watched the entire scene from afar, turned her eyes to the pale sand.

Her pale blue eyes became drowned by tears which threatened to spill over, and she let a choked sob escape her trembling lips..

Her son! When had he become such a heartless killer? He was rapidly becoming a younger version of her husband. As she had feared.

Ten years ago.

'Look mummy!' Mary looked on fondly as her only child, Tom, demonstrated a roly poly on the dull brown grass. 

'Mind the needle, Tom!' She called out mildly as Tom tumbled dangerously close to a discarded needle, no doubt used by a  junkie.

She wished she could provide a safer, cleaner environment for her child, but, with her husband in jail, and her only just scraping by with government benefits, it was definitely hard. 

Sometimes, she hated Adam for doing this. 

Not just for dumping Tom and her in this hellhole - this poverty trap, but for causing them to be the object of hate in this small neighbourhood. 

Since he had murdered the small child in cold blood, simply out of revenge, all the families had turned against them. Even Sue, her best friend of ten years. 

'Mummy!' Tom's excited cries interrupted Mary's bitter reverie, and she looked out to find Tom stabbing a stick at a red specked  bundle of grey rags. 

'Honey, what is that?' she called out. No need to worry, Mary.She consoled herself, trying to quell the bubble of fear.

'A squirrel!'


Not her Tom.


And now she had watched him throw a knife into an innocent girl. The girlfriend of a rival gang member. 

Her hands shook as she brought out her phone.

'999 Police emergency line, how can I help you?'

Take a deep breath, Mary. He's not your Tom anymore, he's dangerous and only you can save others from his ruthlessness.

'I'm calling to report the whereabouts of a wanted criminal.'

The End

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