#1 'Stop right there!'Mature

'Stop right there!' His foot halted above the coast of the sea as he turned around, coming face to face with a thickly built man, who was holding a gun to his head. 

'What are you doing?' the gentleman asked, bemused.

The policeman narrowed his eyes. 'Don't you mean how am I still moving?'

The mysterious man tipped his head, 'That too.' he agreed, and shifted his weight.

'I'm a mage too. I resisted your freeze charm and followed you.' he explained proudly, then he narrowed his eyes at the churning sea. 'That spell is illegal.' 

'Hmmm.' the man didn't disagree. 'It was nice to meet you.'

'Hold it, sir, that spell is illegal-' the protests were cut off by a sudden 'pop', as the man stepped into the sea. 

What do I do now?

The End

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