An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction
After the Fall of Galbatorix, the land of Alagaesia are rewarded with a time of peace. As the land recovers, the Riders too begin to flourish once again. But alas, good things never last long.

        It had been twenty years since the fall of Galbatorix and his dragon Shruikan. The demise of the tyrant leader immediately saw into effect the disappearance of the dark cloud that had settled upon the land during the years under his rule. However his passing did not rid the land of all the evil he had inflicted upon it and its people. The then leader of the Varden (rebel forces against the King) immediately stepped up and took the throne and a new era of ruling began, with all the races of the land – Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Urgals – falling, for only the second time in history, into peaceful coexistence. Cities which had been destroyed in the war needed to dethrone Galbatorix were rebuilt, and a new order was set in Alagaesia.

         Meanwhile, the Riders rebuilt their ranks in Telinor, a land on the other side of the eastern seas of Alagaesia. It was found by Eragon Bromsson, Shadeslayer and Kingkiller; the leader of the new generation of Dragon Riders. Along with his elven companions who had protected him during many a great battle, a city for the Dragons and their Riders was built once more. Wide majestic paths lined the city, so the dragons could roam around as they pleased, and Eragon and the Elves sung buildings from the ancient trees which stood on either side. These houses embedded themselves in nature, with elven glyphs adorning the door and window frames -wards, protecting those who would reside within. This was the place Riders would be taken once an egg hatched for them in Alagaesia. They would be taken to Telinor by ship and there they would receive training and instruction from Eragon Shadeslayer himself. There were now seven other fully trained Riders living in Telinor, and three who were still being trained.

         Of the three, there was only one girl – the only human as well – who had been chosen by a dragon. The other two were both dwarves, and though they were both older than her, her eleven year old self towered over them. The two dwarves were the first of their kind to become Riders and it was said their blessing of joining the ranks of the Riders had caused much controversy between the Dwarf clans, for the clans with no Riders felt they would be at disadvantage to the clans who now had Riders among its people. There were seven different Dwarf clans, each with its own leader, and a King who ruled and kept peace between them all; King Orik. He was a great friend of Eragon Shadeslayer and they were also foster brothers.

        Letty, for that was her name, was the odd one out. Being human and the only girl left her feeling alone much of the time and longed for company of someone her age and race. This did not go unnoticed by the great Shadeslayer (not many things did escape his watchful eye) and so he often visited her and made sure she had something to do, and not dwell on the sadness she felt. She had not known how to read or write (due to the negligence of her parents) so Eragon spent many extra hours teaching her how to do so, as well as elven Runes and the Ancient Language.

        Currently, Letty sat in a big cushioned armchair while her teacher, Master Eragon, was trying to explain to her the grammyre of the Ancient Language. It had taken Letty a while to understand what it was, for unlike the elves and dwarves, she had never heard of or learnt the language in her human town. The Ancient Language, as Letty understood it, was a language of Magic.  Names of things in this language were the True Names of them. This confused Letty. Letty was her name, her only name. It was who she was and what people called her, so surely that was her true name. When she voiced this opinion, Master Eragon and Master Saphira had laughed. ‘One day you will understand, Little one’, Master Saphira projected this thought into Letty’s mind.

        At first, Letty had been afraid of the powers bestowed upon her as she became a Rider; magic was not popular nor very welcome at all in her village. In fact, among most people, magic was scorned and feared. There were still some magicians, witches and sorcerers about. These people were avoided with little subtlety by the rest of the population. ‘They’re cursed, stay away from them’ Letty’s mama had told her. Accordings to the snippets of conversation she and her Dragon, Azura, had overheard, the Queen of Alagaesia also did not have a very high opinion of people who possessed magic, save for the Master Eragon and the Elf Queen Arya. However, being away from all other civilisation and living in Elinor, they influenced Letty no more and she found herself being drawn to the magic inside and amazed by what it could achieve. Surely this power could do no evil.

        As Master Eragon was explaining the past participle of words in the Ancient Language, the surface of the mirror hanging on the wall of the room rippled. In a blink of Letty’s eye, Master Eragon had gone from siting opposite her to in front of the mirror, where an elfwoman’s face had appeared. She was the most beautiful person Letty had ever seen. She was also the Queen of the elves, Letty soon deducted, after seeing the crown which rested upon her head. Master and the Elf Queen were conversing very quickly and very softly in the Ancient Language, seemingly forgetting Letty was also present in the room. The girl and her dragon listened on to the conversation, trying to understand the foreign language as best they could with their limited knowledge. ‘Nasuada… war... controlling magic…’. These words were too few to deduct anything by but from the body language and tone of the two people who spoke them, ominous tidings were felt by the younglings.

The End

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