Maddy doesn't know what she is. All she knows is that she can change into a wolf and for some reason she knows she shouldn't tell even her closest friends...

It was a full moon. The time when werewolves are most active. I wasn't a werewolf though. I didn't know what I was. I could change whenever I wanted. Of course, I had school but most nights I became... Well. A lone wolf. 

I howled. A long, loud howl. I loved scaring the village by pretending to be some sort of werewolf. Wait. Something else was replying. Unmistakably a wolf howl. No-one could fake a real wolf howl. I howled again, preying for another reply so I could track down the mystery wolf. There it was again. My wolf instincts took over and I began racing through the thick forest, dodging trees and howling again. I was heading towards the sound of the howl. There it was again. As I got closer, I smelt the scent of another wolf. I was nearly there. The road. It was dark so a car wouldn't see me. A silhouette the other side of the road was clearly watching me. I'd lost the scent. Why? It was there, clear as day but now it had vanished.

Suddenly, the silhouette began crossing the road, heading towards me. I noticed a flash of ice blue eyes. I had to get away. School started tomorrow. I needed to get home. My wolf instincts kicked in again and I raced away, shying away at everything and everyone. I raced back home, ready for school the next morning. I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up hungry. I got up, got changed and made breakfast. Jam on toast. Once I'd wolfed it down, I quickly began making my way to school. I finally reached the gates and entered the playground. Before I met up with Jade and Thomas, I noticed a boy I didn't recognize. His strawberry blond hair revealed a pair of ice blue eyes. They seemed familiar... 

The End

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