Young Astronauts

A short story about a dream I had between the 30th and 31st of May.

Dreams are mysterious. They're never explainable. We all see these dreams. Dreams with plots similar to those occurring in our so called a ‘real-life’.

Have you ever been stabbed in the back? was it your own faithful  brother?

I’m not sure if I am asking you about a dream, because I’m doubtful about real life. They’re all similar to me…

Between the 30th and 31st of May, I became an astronaut.

It was another realistic dream.

My mother was kidnapped by her husband. He was an astronaut too.

Me, and my older darling brother were the only ones who knew about the cruel incident, so we decided to save her just like fictional superheroes do...

In a  dream, comparing to real life, there’re always these odd events that make no pragmatic sense to realism. Accordingly, we took our younger brother and two very little sisters along with us, in the journey to rescue our one and only mother. One of my sisters was a mere baby born. With her, we took off to space… by a future car. It can transform into a space rocket. My older brother drove. He was an underage. An under-underage. Half of the dream was, literally, my brother. Him, trying to drive through some high bridge, so narrow for our ‘car’ to pass. The other half of the dream was when we actually took off to space at some point, it was wondrous…

Another odd thing was the control room, it was at the back, where my big brother, or our captain… was. The others were safely in the middle. Me? I was at the front, I control the tip of the rocket. It was a cone of an umbrella-like fibre … window. I do not even know. The fibre was silky and black, it was light, yet thick.

The idea of the fibre basically came from some documentary I watched about space when I was young (in real life…). It talked about the materials can be used in space and all of that.

The systematic of my job was easy. I just needed to confirm that the umbrella’s rib ends are firmly secure, enough to avoid any air to come inside the rocket. I wish going to space was as simple as that.


We flew, my friend. We flew high enough that we were able to see the earth’s surface. It was spectacular. It seemed more than real. I’m fortunate to experience existing in space, and blessed to feel how it is like…

Then comes a pressure problem suddenly, and I felt the irritation in my head, then on my face. I felt my skin inflating… we panicked. My brother asked me to check the umbrella-window thing in front of me… if it was securely closed, but I wasn’t able to find the fault. We knew that it was late, and we’re going to die.

Our freshman rocket was flying all over the place. It was hard to breathe. They all started to give up with innocent sad faces… however, “I would never allow our baby born sister to die, we’re going back”, I particularly decided. We’ve been always as strong bonded, whether in real-life or in a dream.


Once the rocket started to slowly become vertical in shape, I saw what’s unusual and rare to see in the real life. Floating in space, and above the beautiful earth. A festival of colours. Dark and light. The comet-like thing was bright, lighting around the white and green. An orb, or probably a meteor. I’m not sure I know, and it still bothers me… I called out for my brothers to see it.

In an instant, I easily started to fall backward, perhaps of the weightless gravity in space. Luckily, pulling two strands of some kind of white fabric to allow myself to hang, these fabrics saved my life and everyone’s. It adjusted all the ribs close when I pulled them down.

It’s ironic. Because my brother asked me if I secured my seat belt before, and I thought that there was no need to do it. I’m not sure if that's just being kids, or the dream being typically odd.


In the end, we came back to earth, funny there were no applause and cheering!

We landed in some western region I guess, for we saw some attractive black police-man with an English accent (a guy I actually met in real life). We asked him where we can fix our car nearby, he didn’t realize the age of my brother…

We did not give up, yet we decided to plan out who to bring along next time, and learnt more about using our marvellous car.


Mom, we’re coming to save you.




The End

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