Meet Robin Brooks

The first week passed by rather quickly and to be honest, Michelle didn't really remember much by Friday. Just so much had happened. She had made so many friends and she had got the ones she had already made on her first day to know better. For example, Justin  was a 'pure-blood', which meant that both of his parents were wizards, but his parents were considered as 'blood traitors'. Michelle had remembered Regina using the word on the trainride, but she hadn't known what it meant until Justin explained it to her. Justin's father had a simple restaurant in London, where he also served Muggles and since he didn't try to poison them he was considered a traitor by many elite pure-blood families.

Cenkay was a part of one of those families, but he didn't share his family's believes, and neither did his mother or his siblings. Because of this, he wasn't very popular among his House, but the firstyears in the other Houses really liked him. Sahar was a Muggleborn and thus wasn't exactly loved either, but the two outcasts did have friends in Slytherin House. Friends who shared the same believes that they did and weren't afraid to show it. 

Sabrina's mother was actually among the staff of the school: Mrs. Radley taught Arithmancy, a class that Michelle didn't have yet and was sure of she would never have. According to Sabrina it was like maths for wizards; no thank you. 

During the first days of her stay at Hogwarts, Michelle spent a lot of her time in the library, something her classmates didn't quite get. She was often accompanied by Vera Hopkin, a Slytherin girl who liked to share a lot of facts about the magical world with Michelle. At first she had kind of enjoyed the girl's company, and had thought that this had once again proved the prejudices against Slytherins wrong. 

On Thursday however, Vera showed her true colours. Michelle had asked her if her parents had fought in the Wizarding War and Vera told her with pride that they had fought at Voldemort's side. They were now in Azkaban, as the Aurors had found them five years after Vera had been born. The Slytherin seemed very bitter about the Aurors, which Michelle didn't get. Yes, it must have been awful to grow up without your parents, but they were criminals, weren't they?

''Our country is run by fools,'' Vera told her, while angrily flipping through a book. Michelle winced. What had that poor book done to her? ''They are all Muggle lovers; they kiss the ground those filthy mudbloods walk upon. What is so great about Hermione Granger anyway? She is the filthiest of them all.''

Michelle stared at her in shock, which Vera didn't seem to notice.

''You know, Vera, I'm a Muggle-born.''

Vera looked up from her book. A horrified expression on her face.

''You're a mudblood?''

''I prefer the term 'Muggle-born', thanks.'' Michelle snapped. She was ready to hex the girl into oblivion, if she could do that, that is. 

Vera got up quickly and brought her face close to Michelle's.

''Listen, mudblood. You are not welcome here. Not now, not ever. You think it is just us Slytherins who think so? Guess again.'' 

She disappeared with those words. Michelle stared at the place the girl had been standing just a few seconds ago in a daze. What had just happened?

When she told Reshmi later that evening, she was just as confused as Michelle felt. 

''Is she implying that there are Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs who feel the same way?''

Michelle shrugged.

''I guess, but to be honest, she is the first one to openly discriminate me like that. These past few days I didn't get the impression that anyone hated me for who my parents are.''

Reshmi seemed to ponder on this, before she shook her head.

''They can't know you're a Muggleborn by just looking at you. I'm afraid the discrimination is going to begin, now that Vera knows.''

Michelle sighed. It had been so peaceful and fun at the school, but she feared that that was going to change.


On Friday they had their highly anticipated flying lessons. The firstyear Hufflepuffs had been very excited the previous night and couldn't stop talking about it. Michelle was just as excited as her friends, though she also felt a bit nervous. What if she fell? She quickly got rid of that thought. There was a teacher there to help them. Nothing terrible could happen.

''Who teaches flying, anyway?'' Jule asked.

''Isn't it Tinkler?'' Audrey asked, sounding uninterested. Then again, she was never interested unless it involved Professor Longbottom. 

Alex? Alex, the guy with the very white teeth? The one Sabrina fancied? Oh no. Michelle couldn't explain it, but she really didn't like the guy. She should have seen it coming though. The first time they had met the professor, he had been wearing Quidditch robes. That should have given it away.

Michelle sighed. She suddenly didn't feel enthusiastic anymore and the nerves had completely taken over. 

After breakfast the firstyears made their way towards the grounds were the flying lessons would be held. The had the class with the Ravenclaws, who Michelle didn't know that well yet. She was just glad that it wasn't with the Slytherins, since she really didn't want Vera trying to push her off her broom.

There were twenty broomsticks lying on the ground, but Alex wasn't there yet. The firstyears waited, and five minutes after the class was supposed to start, Alex came running towards them.

''Hello!'' his with teeth blinded all of them. He didn't even apologize for being late, how rude, Michelle thought. She liked him even less now. 

''We've already met, but once more, I am Alex Tinkler. Feel free to call me Alex.''

Alex ordered them to stand on the left side of their broom with their right hand over it. 

''Now, say 'up'!''


Some of the brooms flew up, right in the hand of the student, but not everyone was so succesful. Michelle and Reshmi weren't, and neither was the Ravenclaw girl next to Michelle. Jule however, who was standing next to Reshmi, was holding the broom with a selfsatisfied grin on her face. One of the Ravenclaw boys, who had gloated about his flying skills during the time they had been waiting for Alex to arrive, was hit in the face by his broom, at which everyone laughed. Alex laughed the loudest. His high laugh could be heard a few meters from where the class was held. 

''Wow, Lucas, you're even better in real life!" one of his friends said. The boy named Lucas grumbled as a response. 

''Don't give up!'' Alex said as soon as he was done laughing at his student. ''You can do it!'' 

The second time, Michelle succeeded, but the girls on either side of her still had no such luck. The Ravenclaw girl was getting tired of it and yelled 'up!' very angrily at the broom lying on her feet, at which the broom responded. It finally flew up, but just like her fellow Ravenclaw, she too was hit in the face. The girl wasn't as lucky as Lucas however, and her nose started to bleed.

''Oh no!'' Alex cried. ''I'm terrible at healing spells! Miss Sherwood, could you take Miss Brooks to the infirmary?'' 

After a quick explanation from Alex as to how to get there, the two girls were off. Michelle instructed the girl to keep her nose up in the air. She wished that she had a handkerchief to lend her, but alas, she didn't. 

''Soddy, you finally did it.'' the girl said, pinching her nose.

Michelle shook her head.

''Nonsense, I don't care about that. I can just learn how to fly next lesson.''

The girl smiled and they walked as fast as they could to the infirmary. As fast as you can walk with a bloody nose anyway. 

At the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey quickly healed her nose and the two girls were off again. Unfortunately, they had only been at the castle for less than a week and they soon found themselves lost.

''What now?'' the girl asked her. 

Michelle had no idea. What did one do when they found themselves lost in a gigantic castle with no one around to help them? Wait. That last part wasn't true!

Michelle grinned at the Ravenclaw.

''We ask for help, of course!''

The girl raised an eyebrow at this, but Michelle ignored her and made her way towards the paintings on the wall.

''Excuse me, but we are lost.'' 

Realisation dawned on the other girl's face and she quickly joined the Hufflepuff.

''We need to get back outside for our flying lessons.'' she explained.

The paintings all started talking at the same moment and the two girls still had no idea how to get out of the castle. 

''Silence!'' one woman screamed. From her painting Michelle gathered that the woman had lived during the Renaissance. 

''Now, my dears, listen to me and ignore these fools.''

Some of the paintings uttered some very foul insults, but the girls did what they were told and ignored them. The woman in the painting explained to them how to get there and they thanked her. They soon found themselves outside again.

''I'm Michelle Sherwood, by the way.'' Michelle had realised the two girls had never really introduced themselves.

''Robin Brooks. That was some good thinking back there. I had never thought of asking the paintings.'' 

Michelle shrugged and a grin formed on her face. They made their way towards the grounds. Robin got their first and found that they were gone. 

''Oh no! They left without us! What are we going to do now?'' she exclaimed. Michelle quickly came running towards them, panic spread across her face. When she joined her new friend though, the class was still there.

''Kidding.'' the girl laughed and she walked towards Alex, who came running towards her to see how she was doing. Michelle just stared at her for a while and then smiled. She had made another friend.


Author's note: Wow, finally anohter update. Hahaha. Oops. Sorry. I've just been very busy with school, which stressed me so much that I became ill and I need to hang out with my family and my friends and then there's my novel I'm working on that (sorry) comes first. I just hope that my inspiration stays with me these two weeks, since it's spring break. I'll try to write as much as possible (depends on my time and inspiration). Hope you liked the chapter! Everyone has been introduced now (the main characters anyway) and the plot is slowly starting. 

The End

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