The First Schoolday

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The next day Michelle woke up early. It was the first school day after all and she was very excited. Quietly, as to not wake her dorm mates, she got dressed and went inside the tunnels towards the common room. According to her watch it was only six thirty in the morning, so breakfast was still an hour away. She dropped down in one of the chairs and immediately regretted not bringing a book with her. She didn't want to go back to her room though, in case she woke one of her dorm mates. Apparently she didn't have to worry about that, since one of the girls who had been sleeping before stepped into the common room.

''Mornin'!'' she greeted happily as she dropped into the chair across from Michelle.
''Morning.'' Michelle smiled. The girl wore trousers instead of a skirt and had blonde curls. She seemed a very cheerful person and Michelle immediately liked her.

''I'm Jule Staley, by the way.'' the girl said.

''Michelle Sherwood.''

Jule turned out to be a 'half-blood'. Her father was a wizard, whereas her mother was a Muggle. Due to her mother being a Muggle, Jule had grown up with a lot of Muggle things and thus knew what Michelle was talking about, unlike Regina who she had to explain to what a DS was. Jule was a big fan of football, but, as she told Michelle, she was very eager to learn more about Quidditch, since her father wasn't a big fan and couldn't tell her much about it.

''The first match is still some time away, though, isn't it?'' Michelle asked, who shared Jule's excitement for the match. Even though she had read about it, her knowledge was very minimal and she couldn't wait to see how the game was played.

Jule sighed.

''It is. Luckily we still have some lessons to look forward too!''

Michelle agreed. The lessons on Hogwarts were so much different from the lessons she had followed back at her Muggle school. Which was obvious, since at Hogwarts they would be taught magic.

The common room had become more crowded by now, and the rest of the first years had joined them.

''I'm really looking forward to Herbology!'' a small, redheaded girl named Audrey Pearce said.

''You like plants then?'' Reshmi asked her. The redhead shrugged.

''Not really, but have you seen the professor?''

Everyone laughed at that.

''Seriously Audrey, you're eleven.'' Jule laughed.

''So? We're like, ten years apart?''

''But didn't professor Longbottom go to Hogwarts in the nineties together with Harry Potter? He should be almost in his thirties…'' pondered Jasmine Mills, a tall blonde girl.

''No matter! True love will preserve even age difference!" Audrey said with great determination. Michelle laughed, thinking the girl was mad.

''Oh Merlin's pants!'' one of the boys, whose name Michelle didn't know yet, sighed.

''Audrey and Neville sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!'' Justin Harper, a tall brown haired boy sang sweetly, while making smooching sounds.


At breakfast Michelle was taken by surprise by the arrival of the mail. Hundreds of owls flew inside the Great Hall to deliver their letters and packages. The brunette quickly duck under the table when a big brown owl dropped a package in a milk can.

''Oh Agni, not again!" Reshmi sighed. She picked up the package, which was now drenched in milk.

''This always happens at home as well,'' she sighed. ''I really wish my sister would have chosen a different owl.''

The package contained a lot of sweets from the Muggle world that Reshmi her parents had sent her.

''I just can't live without these.'' the small girl explained. ''Do you think they could send me a McFlurry?''

Michelle stared at her with an open mouth.

''My dad would probably do it if I asked…''

''Please don't.''

Michelle could already imagine Agni dropping the package and ice cream flying everywhere. She really didn't want to start her day like that.

During breakfast the Head of Hufflepuff House, Hubert Kone, handed them their timetables. Professor Kone was a middle-aged, almost bald man. He was as cheerful as the Fat Friar and seemed very friendly. Apparently he taught Care of Magical Creatures, a subject Michelle and the other first years didn't have yet.

According to the timetable their first class of the day was History of Magic, a subject that Michelle was very interested in.

''Don't get excited,'' Reshmi warned her. ''My sister has told me all about professor Binns. It's very hard to stay awake during his lectures.''

And Reshmi's sister had been right. Even though history had always been one of Michelle's favourite subject (and now it was about the history of magic, something Michelle didn't know anything about), it was really hard to keep your eyes open during the class. The only exciting moment was when professor Binns had entered the classroom through the blackboard (he was a ghost).

Michelle had been very disappointed, but had found that the book by Bathilda Bagshot was far more interesting than the actual class. Reshmi didn't quite understand why Michelle enjoyed reading the book, or reading in general, but she didn't say anything.

During their lunch break they grabbed some food and met up with Regina and her fellow Gryffindor friend Sabrina Radley. They sat outside by the lake and chatted about their first day.

Sabrina turned out to be a nice and fun girl. She, just like Audrey, fancied a professor. Not professor Longbottom though, but Alex Tinkler.

''Really, Alex?'' Michelle asked her. She remembered the man quite well. Or actually, she remembered his teeth.

''Apparently he wanted to be Head of Gryffindor,'' Regina told them. ''Rumour has it that he really hates professor Longbottom.''

Reshmi raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't say anything.

Two first years from Slytherin approached them. Michelle recognised them from the day before. They were the boy and girl that had shared the boat with her and Regina.

''Can we join you?'' the boy asked them, but he was already sitting down. He looked Turkish, but probably half. It was clear he liked to eat, since he had brought quite a lot of food with them.

''Why don't we hold a picnic?'' he asked excited. The other four girls just stared at him, dumbfounded.

''Ehm, no offense but…'' Reshmi started.

''Who are you?'' Sabrina asked confused.

''Oh, I'm Cenkay Ackery and this is Sahar Mousley. We have met before, remember?'' he asked Michelle and Regina, who nodded, still a bit overwhelmed by the boldness of the boy.

Michelle had heard quite an awful lot of things about Slytherin house from the other Hufflepuffs, but none of those things were true about Cenkay and Sahar. They were very sweet and fun. Not at all like He-Who-Does-Not-Have-A-Nose (that's right, Michelle had done some reading on the Wizarding Wars and had seen a picture of Voldemort) and his followers.

''By the way, what were you talking about yesterday, when you came by our coupé?'' Michelle asked Cenkay curiously. It had been bugging her ever since the boy had left the coupé all of a sudden.

''Oh, just Justin Harper.'' Cenkay shrugged, before he took a bite of a pumpkin pasty.

''Justin?'' Michelle and Reshmi asked in unison. They both stared at the Slytherin boy in confusion.

''He is so annoying.''

''Justin wants to be his friend.'' Sahar explained. It was obvious she was trying not to laugh.

''No he doesn't,'' Cenkay snapped at the little Slytherin girl. ''He's just annoying with his stupid song.''

''Song?'' Regina asked puzzled. At this point Sahar couldn't keep her laughter in anymore.

''Cenkay is my BFF, we played together at the playground.'' she sang, while Cenkay put another pasty in his mouth in an angry manner.

After hearing the song, the other four girls started to laugh as well.

''Why don't you want to be his friend?'' Sabrina wondered.

''He's annoying.''

''But he wants to be your friend, that's so cute!"

Cenkay only got angrier at this. He stated that he still had something to do before classes started and took off with Sahar, who was silently humming 'Cenkay is my BFF'.

''I don't see his problem.'' Sabrina said, while the four girls made their way towards the greenhouses. The next class was Herbology, for both the Hufflepuffs and the Gryffindors.
The Hufflepuff girls couldn't help but laugh at Audrey, who couldn't stop staring at professor Longbottom.

''Miss Pearce, have you heard everything I said?'' professor Longbottom asked in concern.

''Uh-huh.'' Audrey sighed. The professor seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, but went on with his lesson.

''I think Alex is better looking.'' Sabrina stated. The two Hufflepuff girls were working at a table together with the two Gryffindors.

''Sabrina you can't be serious.'' Reshmi laughed.

''What? He is.''

The other three just rolled their eyes.

Herbology went by and Michelle and Reshmi said goodbye to Regina and Sabrina. They had to help Jasmine and Jule drag Audrey out of Greenhouse One, away from professor Longbottom, while Justin Harper was singing again.

''Shut up! What if he hears?'' Audrey yelled, her face all flustered. Justin just grinned.
The first year Hufflepuffs all went back to their common room to get started on their homework. They all decided it would be faster if they made their Herbology homework together. The homework consisted of a report on what they had done during their first class and the results and such.

''So then we waved our wand…'' Justin said.

''No, we never had to wave our wand Justin, that's why it exploded.'' Caleb Knight retorted.

''I swear I heard professor Longbottom say 'wave your wand'.''

''No, he said don't wave your wand.'' Audrey said.

''Oh yeah, you should know since you pay so much attention to him.'' Justin teased.

Audrey's face became red and she quickly hid behind 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi'.

After a lot of arguing they finally finished their homework and they made their way to the Great Hall for supper.

''I'm starving!'' Michelle exclaimed, the other Hufflepuffs agreed with her.

They all sat down at the Hufflepuff table. Michelle noticed Regina and Sabrina at the Gryffindor table and waved. Sabrina waved back enthusiastically, hitting a juice can while doing so. Celeste, Regina's older sister, quickly cleaned up the mess with a wave of her wand.

After supper they went back to the common room and chatted with their fellow Hufflepuffs. Michelle was really glad that they all got along so well. After all, they would have to put up with each other for seven years.

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