The train ride

A story about me and my friends where we attend Hogwarts. Takes place after the Battle of Hogwarts, and before the trio's kids go to Hogwarts. I'm not sure how this will work out. Maybe there will be one plot, or maybe it will consist of several arcs. Btw, obviously I've used alternate last names.

Finally, it was September first, which meant she would finally be going to Hogwarts. Michelle Sherwood was an ordinary eleven year old girl with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Someone once told her that her eyes resembled those of an owl. Ordinary, except for the fact that today she would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, you heard right. Witchcraft and Wizardry. Michelle Sherwood was a witch. She had only found out about this recently though, when on her eleventh birthday a letter was delivered. Not by the postman however, by an owl. You can imagine how stunned Michelle and her mother had looked when the bird had flown into their living room, dropping a letter into the girl's lap.

When reading the letter, Michelle finally understood why strange things always seemed to happen around her. Her mother on the other hand, had already expected something like this.

The brown haired girl had been really excited when she read about the school. She immediately dragged her mother to Diagon Alley (a shopping area for all your wizardry needs) to get the things first years would need. Michelle was especially excited about getting a wand, of course. Thus, this was their first stop.

The man named Mr. Ollivander let her try about a hundred wands (or at least it felt that way), before he was finally satisfied. After waving the last wand around, the air was filled with fireworks. Her wand was made of alder and 10 and 3/4 inches long. The core was the feather of a phoenix, and, according to Mr. Ollivander, was surprisingly swishy.

After paying for the wand (they had exchanged their money for the wizarding currency before going to Ollivanders at Gringotts) they decided to get the other stuff. When they were about to go home, Michelle begged her mum to buy her an owl, thus why the people at Kings Cross where giving her funny looks.

No idea how to get to platform nine and three quarters, Michelle and her mum decided to look around for some other wizards. Luckily, they quickly spotted a rather large family who were also carrying two owls. Now, if they weren't wizards, Michelle thought.

''Excuse me,'' her mum started. ''Could you tell us how to get on platform nine and three quarters?''

The family consisted of two parents and five children. One young man, who seemed to have already graduated, a girl who was about fourteen, a girl who was most likely also going to Hogwarts for the first time, and two twin boys who were youngest of the lot. The two girls, although they were sisters, looked nothing alike. The older girl had dark brown hair and dark eyes and was very slim. Her younger sister on the other hand had blue greenish eyes and blond hair and was a bit on the chubby side. The three boys seemed quite a like, except for one of the twins who looked younger than his twin.

''You must be Muggles,'' the father smiled. He was quite tall and already had grey hair. ''Well, follow us. It's our youngest daughter's first time to Hogwarts as well.'' he nodded towards the youngest girl, who smiled shyly.

Michelle and her mum followed the family. The twins were whining about wanting to go to Hogwarts too, to which their mother replied that they just had to wait a few more years. Their older sisters teased them, talking about all the great things that they got to do at Hogwarts.

''I'm so not going to miss you two.'' the smaller boy mumbled.

''Pay attention now!" the father told Michelle and her mum. ''This is were it get's a bit complicated.'' He winked, and, to their big surprise, ran at the wall between platform nine and ten at full speed.

Michelle's mum was about to scream, thinking the man had lost his mind, when he ran right through the wall.

The mother of the family smiled at their surprised faces. She was of average height and a bit on the plump side. She had, like her oldest daughter, dark hair.

''I'm afraid Muggles can't enter the barrier. You'll have to say goodbye here,'' she turned towards her oldest son and daughter. ''Jonathan, you take your little sister. Celeste, take care of the twins for me.''

The kids followed their mother's instructions and ran through the wall.

The mother then turned towards Michelle and her mum once again.

''It's really easy, I'll go with you if that makes you feel better.''

Michelle nodded a bit uneasy. What if the barrier wouldn't let her through and she'd ran straight into the wall? That oughta hurt.

She hugged her mum tight, her eyes a bit teary. She had never been apart from her mother this long. The next time she'd see her was at Christmas, which was three months away.

She noticed that her mum was about to cry too, but she held it together.

''Be careful, honey. Don't stay up too late. Don't eat too much candy. Make some nice friends. And don't forget to write!''

After promising her mother she would do all that, she and the mother of the large family ran at the wall together. Michelle closed her eyes, afraid she would hit the wall and wake up in the hospital.

This thankfully didn't happen. When she opened her eyes she was at a different platform, bustling with people. She thanked the woman and carried her trunk towards the train. She'd better find a coupe, before everything was full. Ugh, her trunk was so heavy, she thought it was a miracle she hadn't fallen over yet.

Relieved, she opened an empty coupe. She had been too shy to enter an occupied one and ask if she could join them. Curse her insecurity.

She sat down and took out her iPod. She knew it wouldn't work at Hogwarts (thanks to Hogwarts: A History, which she had bought at Flourish and Blotts), but at least she'd have some music on the way there.

The door of the coupe opened and the youngest sister from earlier entered.

''Do you mind if I sit here?''

Michelle shook her head.

''Go ahead.''

An awkward silence followed.

''Must have been a shock when your mum found out you were a witch.'' the girl smiled.

Michelle smiled back and shook her head.

''She said she had already expected something like that. After all, there was no other explanation but magic for the things I've done. Apparently I once floated out of my crib. Almost gave my mum a stroke.''

The girl laughed.

''Yeah, magic is really the only explanation for that.''

''Michelle Sherwood, by the way.''

''Regina Oakley.''

Things got a lot less awkward after that. Michelle asked everything she could about the Wizarding World. Regina, on the other hand, asked her new friend all about the 'Muggle' world. A Muggle, she explained, was someone who didn't have magic, like Michelle's mum.

''Oh so that was what your parents called my mother! For a minute there I thought they were insulting my mum!''

Regina laughed.

''No, don't worry about that. They'd never do that. Especially dad, he's a Muggleborn himself- A Muggleborn is someone like you. A wizard or witch with Muggle parents.'' Regina explained.

The coupe opened again, this time a little, chubby boy came in. He was around Michelle's and Regina's age.

''Could I sit here?'' he was already sitting when he asked that though. ''I can't believe that...that...''

''Troll?'' Regina helped.

''Yes, thank you.''

Michelle and Regina stared curiously at the boy, who didn't say anything. He got up all of a sudden.

''I'm not letting him get away with this.''

With that, he was gone.

''Well, that was strange.'' Michelle noted. Regina nodded. The door of the coupe opened for the third time that day. This time it was a friendly lady with a trolley.

''Anything off the trolley, dears?''

The trolley lady sold all kind of candy that Michelle had never seen. Regina, along with the lady's help, told her about them. At the end, she decided to try everything but Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, since she really didn't trust those.

''Careful with those Chocolate Frogs,'' Regina warned her, as she was about to open one.

''They move.''

Michelle froze.

''Are these actual...?''

Regina laughed.

''No, no of course not. It's enchanted, it can only jump once, so be sure to grab it before it escapes.''

After devouring the Frog, Michelle studied the card that came with it.

''Lots of children in our world collect those. They're cards of famous wizards and witches. Who did you get?''

''Harry Potter,'' Michelle read. ''The boy who lived.''

She looked up at Regina.

''The boy who lived? I'm living and I'm not on one of these.''

Regina laughed.

''He's the only one who's survived the killing curse.''

''Oh, that makes more sense.''

Michelle started reading the card. If she had read it more thoroughly, she would've read what Regina had just told her. Harry Potter apparently had many accomplishments like slaying a basilisk. His biggest accomplishment however, was defeating some guy named 'Lord Voldemort'.

''So who is this Voldy? It says here that he was the darkest wizard of all time...''

''He's like the Hitler of the Wizarding World, or that's what my dad says. He wanted to rid the world of Muggles, Muggle-borns, half-bloods, what he called 'bloodtraitors' and the like.''

Regina quickly filled her in on Voldemort and the two wizarding wars. It sounded awful. Michelle was really glad that Voldemort was gone. Imagine living in a world like that!

It started to get darker outside and Regina's older sister, Celeste, informed them that they'd be arriving soon and that they'd best change into their robes. Taking her advice, they quickly changed. Soon after, the train came to a halt.

''Firs' years follow me!" A gigantic man called.

Regina pulled Michelle, who was staring at the man in awe, with her towards the giant.

''Hello Hagrid.'' Regina smiled.

The giant, named Hagrid, smiled kindly.

''Ah, you must be an Oakley! I'm goin' to miss yer brother.''

Hagrid led them towards the lake, where they were to board little boats that would lead them to the castle.

She and Regina shared a boat with the boy from before, who introduced himself as Cenkay Ackary and a girl called Sahar Mousley. As soon as they had sat down, the boat started to move. The castle soon came into the view and the first years stared at it in amazement. The castle was huge. Michelle was already worrying about getting lost.

They reached the shore and quickly got out. They were all eager to enter the school.

''Don' wander off.'' Hagrid instructed.

Michelle and her boatmates ran to the front, to make sure they wouldn't be left behind.
It was a long walk from the shore to the castle and Michelle was starting to lose her patience. She was jumping up and down in excitement, which annoyed some of her classmates.

They finally arrived in front of the castle. Hagrid knocked three times on the door of their new home.

I know the way Michelle and Regina meet is a bit like how Harry and Ron meet, but since Michelle is a muggle she wouldn't know how to get on platform nine and three quarters. Regina's family is not based on the Weasleys. She just happens to have a rather large family and twin brothers (this is why I always call them the Weasleys in my head). The only difference is that they aren't really poor and red. But seriously, even their house has a Weasley like feel. By the way, the title is from the song 'Young and Stupid' from Hedley, since I think the song really suits us.

The End

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