Chapter 1Mature

Kimber is your average nerd. She has only one friend, and gets bullied daily. Her life is torture to her, but it's the only way to keep her safe. Her mother and younger brother, Mark, have been keeping a secret from Kimber for her whole life. One that, if told, will change her life forever. So what happens when Kimber finds out on her own? Will she crumble, or rise to become who she was meant to be?

I sit on the ground, my back to a tree. I stare at my homework, wishing it would disappear just this once. I don't feel in my normal nerdy mood. Every once in a while I look up, but I just keep looking at the same group of people. Sitting across the school's front lawn is Braydon Kirk and his popular friends.

Braydon is popular and one of the school's bad boys. The other bad boy is Garrett. Braydon is close to Garrett, practically is his sidekick.

Their whole "clique" is rude and mean to everyone except those in it. All except for once girl, who isn't to be seen. Now that I think about it though, where is she? I look around, trying to find her. Instead I spot her evil twin.

Jessica Parzez. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect body, perfect everything. Everything that is, except for her grades. I wouldn't consider getting straight D's as perfect. Though her grades are terrible, and she is a sl*t, every guy in Calingster High wants her. Well, her body. The few that want an actual relationship are dumped almost as soon as they start to date. She dumps a guy, then with a snap of her fingers, she has a new one that she is making out with in the hallway.

I watch as Jessica gets up and pulls her light blue skintight blouse down a little. She smiles at her friends, then walks over to where Braydon and his buddies are. She stands in front of him for a minute, waiting for him to stand up. Once he gets up, they stare at each other for a few seconds before she smashes her lips onto his. Her arms wrap around his neck, and he picks her up. I look back down at my stupid homework, not wanting to see.

Hoots and whistles fill the air, and it takes everything in me to not look up at them. I grab all of my papers and books, and stuff them into my bag. Annoyed, I get up and head to the school's front doors. I don't want to see them sucking off each other's faces.

I walk quietly and quickly, almost getting to the front doors when I run into somebody. I fall over, as well as the other person. My bag falls of my shoulder and all of my books and papers fall out. They scatter all across the concrete, leaving me a big mess to pick up. I look down, not wanting for anybody to see my clumsy mistake.

"I'm sorry" I mumble, not wanting to look like even more of a fool than I already do.

"Watch where you're going!" a voice says. Rude are we? I roll my eyes.

I gather all of my books and papers, shoving them back into my bag again. I get up and sling my bag back over my shoulder, then look to see who it was that I ran into.

"Becka!" I exclaim, mirroring her ear-to-ear smile. I take her into a big hug. "Where were you this morning?" We separate and I see her cheeks turn slightly red.

"I was a little busy." I can't help but smirk.

"Busy Rabecka? Why, with what?" I ask innocently. "Or should I ask, with who?" I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively and she slaps my arm, not saying anything.

I gasp. "Becka, did you..."

"No!" she says quickly and slaps me again. Wow, this woman is abusive! "Gosh Kim, why would I do that? I'm not that stupid!" I think for a moment, but shrug. She probably wouldn't. 'Probably' being the key word there.

"Then tell me what was so important that you ditched your best friend!" She rolls her eyes and thinks for a moment.

I hold my hand to my hear dramatically. "Has our friendship really come down to having to think about something before we tell each other?"

She shakes her head. "Oh my gosh Kim, stop being so over dramatic." She pauses for a moment, then sighs. "Okay, okay. So... do you know Garrett Filking?" I nod my head. Of course I do. He's Braydon's best friend.  ...

Yeah, okay. So I sort of have a crush on Braydon. I just can't explain it though. I just get this... feeling when I look at him or think about him. I don't really know him personally though. I can't ever get close to him. I'm the nerd, and he's the popular bad boy.

"Well, um..." her voice brings me back to reality and I see that she still hasn't said what was up. I see her shoulders all scrunched up and a huge smile spreading across her face if that is even possible. "We are dating!" she squeals. My jaw drops. What? Becka and Garrett are... dating? When did this happen? Is she going to be another one of his toys? She better not be, or I will personally go to his house and beat him.

"Really?" I ask, trying to be excited for her. My voice comes out too squeaky though. It always gets like this when I lit or try to hide something. I look at her and see her nodding her head, bouncing up and down in joy.

Of course she is. She has liked the guy ever since the very end of ninth grade, ad we're now in eleventh. It has been a little under three years, but still! I thought she had gotten over him when the whole Chloe Garrett thing happen. I will always remember that.

I had lost one of my only friends because of him. Garrett had gotten her drunk at a party and they got a little freaky upstairs. Of course, Chloe didn't remember a thing. She never found out until she saw him in the hallway a couple of days later, making out with Jessica. She went to the doctor and took the test that same day. After that, she never came back to school. Never answered her calls or any of the texts that I sent her. I didn't find out that she had moved until a month later.

"Congrats!" I say weakly. "What all happened?"

"Well" she says, and I know that this is going to be a long story. Whenever she starts a story with 'well', it always ends up being long. "I drove into the parking lot yesterday morning and..." the bell signaling first period rings, interrupting her. She sighs. "I'll tell you at lunch, yeah?"

I shrug. "Yup." She waves goodbye, then walks off into the school. I adjust my bag on my shoulder, then follow the wave of people flowing through the hallways. I end up at my locker and decide to drop off some of the books that I don't need yet.

I open up my locker easily, throwing in my science and social studies book, then slam it shut. I walk down the hallway to my first period class and sigh as I enter through the door. Going straight to my usual seat by the window, I get out my math book, then hang my bag on the back of the chair. I set the book down on the desk then slide into my seat. I look out the widow, already seeing Mr.Reeder take his gym class outside to the woods. It surrounds the school on three sides, making us almost invisible and unknown to anybody passing by. School is also out in the middle of nowhere, witch is kind of cool and creepy at the same time. Cool because we go outside a lot, yet creepy because random people walking in the woods could stalk us.

I hear loud footsteps enter and lots of talking suddenly consumes the classroom. I sigh and try my best to ignore it all. Class should start sometime soon...

Suddenly the late bell rings, interrupting my thoughts. I look over towards the door, wondering where Mr.Woods is. He is never late. i shrug and look back out the window.

I see my only friend, Rabecka, walking hand in hand with Garrett and the rest of their class out to the lake. They look so happy, yet I feel really uneasy about them going out. He better not hurt her, or else he'll see the wrath of Kimber McCarthey.

I'm really over protective when it comes to Rabecka. I may be a nerd, but this nerd can give one beat down. I get this weird confidence and power when it comes to standing up for her. I once sent a guy to the hospital because they got in a fight and he thought that it was okay to punch her in the cheek. That was a big no-no.

Suddenly somebody rushes in, and I look over and see that it's Mr.Woods. I can hear his deep breathing, his face slightly pale. He runs into the classroom and drops his bag onto the floor by the front desk and stares at us. He slows his breathing down and pushes his hands up against the edge of the counter. He sighs and takes one hand away and rakes it through his brown hair. I hear a few girls giggle, some even sigh. They think that he's hot. I mean, yeah he is good looking and all, but he's 22 and our math teacher! That's just plain weird in my opinion.

"Listen, uh..." he scratches the back of his neck making the collar of his black suit flip up. "I have something really important that I kind of scheduled during your class period." He pauses. "A date to be specific." The boys in the class hoot and holler different things to him. he smirks at the boys, then speaks again.

"I need you guys to chill out while I'm gone, okay? Don't get into any trouble and you won't get any homework for a week" Everyone goes crazy at that, except for me. I love math homework. It makes my brain work harder. Something challenging. I'll just ask for a paper or two tomorrow. Mr.Woods smiles, then waves bye and runs back out of the classroom, leaving his school bag behind.

Everyone suddenly gets up and clumps together in their own separate groups. Popular kids in the back, nerds in the front by the white board, and some other groups that spread out among the desks. I decide to be the loner that I always am and walk towards the door to go to the library.

"Where are you going nerd? Your lame friends are over there" someone says. I freeze in my place and hear footsteps thump down onto the ground. I hear them get louder and closer until it stops arruptly. I feel hot breath on my neck and gather the courage to turn around.

"To the library to be alone from you loud idiots" I say without any stutter. Wow, that felt good to stand up for once. His mouth hangs open for a second before snapping it shut and glaring daggers through me.

"Wow, take all your pathetic life to come up with that?" he spits at me.

"No, it was as fast as you kiss a sl*t then bag another one" I spit back at him. I must have a death wish.

"Burn!" some of the guys say. Dylan turns around and glares menacingly at them. They shut up quickly and stare at the ground. He then turns back to me. His 6' frame towers over me, but I stand my ground.

"You know you aren't talking to a nobody like you, right?" he asks. I frown and he smirks. I feel like he grows taller by the minute. Maybe I should just go...

"Yeah, I'm talking to a douche bag named Dylan." Why did I say that? His jaw clenches up and he balls up one of his hands into a fist. His eyes hold a blinding fire in them.

"You better apologize, b*tch" he growls out. My eyes widen with fear.

"Never" I squeak out and immediately wish that I hadn't said anything.

The End

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