No Time Any More

Julia Bennett hated her parents...they couldn't have any more kids...not at their age!  And who was going to be stuck babysitting? Her.  Of course.  They wouldn't have time for her any more, once the focus was on the dare they ruin her life like that?

The year was 2012, and she had just turned 16.  It wasn't a very funny April Fool's Day joke when they dropped the news on her.  It was the most disgustingly joyful smile across her mother's lips...oh, great...

"Stupid kid," she thought, kicking a stone down the sidewalk as she strolled down the street.  She was passing by her favourite child clothing store, one she had bought all of her clothes from when she was younger... she still had her little "Call Me Princess" pink t-shirt that she refused to take off through the first grade... suddenly, as she passed in front of it, the glass window began to swirl.  It was like looking into the soapy inside of a bubble that had been turned into a spiral, spinning around and around... She had stopped to peer into it, and immediately saw...what was that?  She saw a man in maybe his late thirties, early fourties...what was that he was wearing?  She couldn't even begin to explain his clothes...without thinking, she leaned in closer...and fell straight through.  

(TBC...feeling very confident about this one...I guarantee that I will add more to this one, unlike the other ones... :)  I have been getting so many ideas on this one, so here it finally is!)

The End

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