You'll Never Know

It all started with a seed.  Elaina didn't particularly enjoy all of the work associated with gardening; the proper types of dirt bored her, the mandatory attention that one must pay to the daily watering seemed much too repetitive, and yet...although effort was a difficult concept for her to grasp, the final product of blooming flowers awed her.  She enjoyed climbing trees in the forest behind her grand home, peering into the sky from between branches and green leaves, watching high above and all around.  She wondered, what has this tree seen in its long life?  She remembered this tree from pictures she had seen of herself learning to walk, the nanny on the side closer to the forest and her uncle on the one closer to the home.  The tree was just as tall as it was on her long afternoons climbing it, with the same shaded leaves and bark.  She began to believe that it had always been that way, and that it would be as such eternally.  Once it is, it shall always be.  

With this thought, she began to doubt change.  


The End

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