You'll Change For Me?Mature

Chapter 1

I heard a knock on my door and that’s what
woke me up. I looked at my alarm clock:

“Oh, crap”

It was 10:00 am I was supposed to me Elizabeth half an hour ago at the coffee shop. Then there was another knock at the door.

I jumped out of bed, still in my boxers and sports bra, stumbling over to the door I opened it up.

“Well good morning, sleepy head!”

It was Elizabeth holding two starbucks cups. I just stood there and yawned rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“One caramel frappacinno with whipped cream.”

She handed me a cup of my favorite starbucks drink and stepped through the doorway into my school dorm room.

“Sorry I must have slept through my alarms. And by the way you forgot the chocolate drizzle…”

We stood in an awkward silence and busted out in laughter.

We migrated towards the couch to sit and talk for a little while.

I looked at my clock once again; it was almost time for class!

“Oh crap, Lizzy, its almost time for class, I need to hurry up and get dressed, then we need to head to the classroom, quick!”

I ran to my closet and pulled out my favorite pair of bleached skinny jeans, and my favorite blue tank top. I slipped my clothes on and then shoved my feet into a pair of grey flats.

As we ran out the door we, literally, ran into Damen. I really liked him but the problem is, he is a complete and total player, but he liked me too.

“Hey Juliet, why don’t you watch where  you’re going?”

He calls me Juliet now because I got that part in our school play; my real name is Julia though. But of course, he got Romeo.

“Well if you’d stay out of my way we wouldn’t have that problem would we?”

“Well, we all should hurry and get to science before Mr. Crole counts us tardy.” Liz reminded us.

The three of us ran down the hall to get to the elevator, so we could get to the science hall in time.


We finally made it to the classroom with two
minutes to spare.

“Thank you for joining us” Mr. Crole said like he does every Monday when we are the last people to enter his classroom, always.


Liz and I passed notes while Mr. Crole droned on about rock formation and deformation. We got started writing about her night with Dean, her boyfriend of five months, whom she also snuck into Her Room without being caught.

Class went by slowly; Thank god we only had one class a day. But one class a day means more homework, so that’s not the best thing, and then there’s two and a half hours of class too.

The bell rang and Mr. Crole excused us from class. As I was walking out of the classroom with Elizabeth, Damen pulled me aside.

“Aren’t you coming?” she said, a little annoyed with Damen. He put one finger up and said:

“She’ll be back with you in a couple of minutes.” He spoke like he was negotiating with her, and then she just walked off.

Then he turned to me: “Julia, will you please go on a date with me?”

I was getting more than a little annoyed with him asking me this every week. “No,” I turned and walked out of the classroom. But that didn’t stop him.

“Why not?” He whined catching up to me and grabbing my arm.

“Because, Damen, you’ve asked me a million times, I’ve said no, a million times. It won’t work between us, remember the first time?  You cheated on me Damen, I
mean we can still be fr—“

“No, don’t say ‘friends’ I want to be more than that!”--- “I’ve changed Juls,” he said sweeping the hair out of my face.

I hit his hand away and said:

“Once a man whore, always a man whore, face it, you’ll never change, and I can’t trust you, not then, not now, not ever!”

I could feel the tears starting to come to my eyes, because the truth is, I did trust him, even though I shouldn’t. I wanted him badly, but I knew it wouldn’t work.

“You know Julie that hurt” he said putting his hand over his heart. “I have changed, I promise! How can I prove it to you?”

I turned to walk away again but he just grabbed me and held me against the wall.

“Please, give me a chance,” he said with his adorable puppy dog look.

“One date and you have to prove to me that you’ve changed, I still don’t believe you.”

After I spoke those words that tasted so sickly sweet on my tongue, he kissed me and then released me from the wall.

The End

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