Don't speak, liar

He couldn’t turn around. He’d see her beautiful face, with the deep blue eyes sparkling like fresh water and as clear as a diamond.  Jace could feel the coming thunder, like a massive wave rolling towards him, with the intention to drown him. The wind grew stronger and tried pushed the dust away, but the sky was still as clouded as his mind.

The sudden breeze of fresh air made her shiver. Would he still protect her? It didn’t matter if not, because then there would be no reason to be alive. How did they let the fire die? 

“I don’t miss you.”  He turned around, surprised that she had said something. “I only miss the person you used to be.” - “What do you mean by that?” - “I think you know exactly what that means.” Her voice was calm, but in her eyes he could see how she really felt: Hurt, insecure, and angry.  He took a step back and turned his head away, so he didn’t have to take this look she gave him.  “If you don’t miss me, but hate me, why are you here?” His voice wasn’t as cold and strong as he had planed. She replied: “ I had the stupid hope that one day you would come back, but I guess I was wrong.” – “How did I change?” She looked down to the floor, feeling empty, with this instinct to run, escape this conversation, hide, and never come back. Delete Jace from her mind. When she looked at him again it felt like a hard punch in the stomach. Just a little while ago she hadn't been able to hide the smile on her face every time he walked past. She also remembered that in the first week her heart dropped every time he looked into her eyes, and jumped up every time he had kissed her.

Now she just felt the emptiness his lies had left in her heart.  “We can’t really talk anymore. You are hiding something from me. “ – “ I don’t!” -“Stop lying to me, or to yourself!” she answered angrily. Though he didn’t want to accept it, the fact that she didn’t belive him hurt. It hurt like hell.

The End

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