You'll always be my thunder

this is just a picture im unable to draw, jace, a fallen angel and a yet not named girl. she loves him, and she made him fall. but there had been a terrible mistake. sth happened between them, and it seperates them, but i don't yet know what.
Its the first time i've ever tried to write sth, and english is not my first language, so please help me with the words and join in ;)


The sunlight fell through the small gap between the massive curtains and gently tickled her nose. She opened her eyes to the new day, unsure how to feel about it. She liked the silence in the old building, in the middle of a forest.  Jace. He was somewhere out there, and suddenly, she felt as if someone had put a heavy weight on her chest. Looking out of the window she realised how lonely she was. The leaves had changed to the most beautiful colours: Shades of amber and brown, a dark pastel red and marron. The wind made them fall on the ground and whirl around. Soon it would be winter, but right now it was too early to think about that.  Things had to be done. She had to go.

When she arrived at the lake the air had changed, and also the colours around her.  Up in the forest it had been a friendly, warm sunlight, but down here everything was grey and dark green. The air was so thick she could hardly breathe, when she was making her way down to the bank.

It was stunning. Amazing. Beautiful. His powerful wings were spread wide, so she could see every single feather. They were innocent white. The dust hung heavily above the lake. Those beautiful white wings were scaring her. An angel on earth. A fallen angel. Jace. The smell of his short blond hair. The shape of his body under the plain grey shirt. The taste of his lips on hers. Captured in her mind. He was staring at the small waves that build up because of the growing wind.  None of them said a word. There was nothing left to talk about, and the silence was killing her. She began to ask herself why she was there, but she already knew the answer: The wind. The magical feeling of the rising thunderstorm.  

The End

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