You Will

It's a sort of virtual letter, one of those ones you don't send, it's what you wish you could say but never could. It's a letter from a teenage girl to another teenage boy.
Feel free to write your own, it can be fictional or from your own heart :)

I'd been going through some tough emotional stuff, I was depressed, lonely. Then that friend request. Made friends on the off-chance we'd have a conversation, you seemed nice, fun to talk to. I don't know why  talking to you was addictive, before I knew it we were talking up to 6 hours a day. I felt so happy when I was talking to you, we had so much in common, so much to talk about, it felt like it was fate. Our friendship hit a tough patch when I found out you were in love with me, we stayed friends through that rough period though, you began to see sense and I was thankful, our friendship could go back to what we had before, that special friendship, we told each other everything, no secrets, no lies. You promised me two things:

1) You wouldn't let people hurt me

2) You'd never leave me

I felt like those promises bound us together, so we'd never be without each others friendships. I promised those things back, it was like a contract, security that I wouldn't be alone again. It all came crashing down on me the day you met that girl, it was supposed to be a fun day out with us and a couple of other friends, just to have a laugh. I didn't know it would shatter something so precious..... She was over from another country, staying for the summer, you exchanged numbers and she hung around with our group for the day, I didn't think much of it. You told me the two of you were going to meet up a couple of times before she went back home, you didn't tell me you were having a romantic relationship with her. No...I only found that out on my Facebook page. I saw that status update and my heart plunged further than I knew it could drop, I felt like I'd lost you even though I never wanted a romantic relationship with you. I tried and tried to reason with myself that it was fine, she lived in another country for crying out loud, she couldn't occupy you 24/7, of course, I had an advantage because I live but an hour away from you. Oh how wrong I was, you're both on Facebook all the time talking to each other, I tried to talk to you but you're so withdrawn it's almost a physical pain when you say 'Sorry, I was talking to....'.

It's been about two months since I've had a proper conversation with you, we used to talk hours into the night but now.... No. It destroys me to not talk to you, I miss you so much, I need to speak to you to tell you all of this but I know I'll never find the right words. How am I supposed to carry on when I've lost what that matters most to me? The thing I love so so much? The person that was always there for me and that promised NEVER to leave me?
I think you should know I love you by now, but please remember me, please love me too <3

The End

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