You Went, And So Did My World

When a boy leaves his girlfriend all of a sudden and the girl is so broken hearted the does drastic things to get him back.

It was misty and cold as we walked along the riverside and hand in hand, just like we'd normaly do on a Friday afternoon before he went to cadets and I went home, but there was something different. He wasn't speaking as much as he usually did. He barely even looked at me. We walked in silence for a bit before it started raining and we ran under shelter. We ran under a huge tree - the silence still with us. It held even as the storm grew and grew. The silence was so unbearable I decided to speak,

"Josh-" I started but he placed his hand to my mouth gently, "No. I'm sorry, the more you speak, the more I see you, the harder it's going to be..."

"Josh please tell whats going on, you've been acting off all day." I touched his arm but he pulled away. I looked at him with concern, he was always happy, smiling, now he looked close to tears.

He sighed and looked at me brefly before returing his gaze to the floor, "I'm moving."

I started at him then gave a half-hearted laugh, "What, just down the road or.."

"No. I joined the army in hope of getting a job. Now I have one. Their moving me away.."

I stood still, perfectly still. The only sound was the rain hitting the ground and my heart slowing breaking, " where? When?"

"To Germany, on Sunday." He looked up to see my startled face staring back at him. He must have seen right through me because he took my face in his hands, "I'm so sorry, I have to.." He kissed me and started walking away.

I ran out into the rain, "No! Please don't, you dont' have to. Surely they can't make you.."

He turned back around and started me straight in the eyes, "No, they can't, but I chose to be part of the army and now I have to do my part..I love you."

He pulled away his gaze and and walked off into the rain. The downpour made it too hard to see him but I called out anyway, "You can't just say I love you then leave! You can't!" I ran out trying to find where he'd gone...there was no hope.

I ran over the bridge towards the the training ground where he had cadets, but there was no sign of him. I turned around and walked quickly to his house; it was hard to figure out where the road was because of all the mist and rain but nothing was stopping me. I got to his front door, taking a deep breath, and knocked.

When his mum answered the door she looked startled to see me; I had wet stragly hair and my eye make-up was across my face, "Erm, hello Gemma. Josh is busy packing right now, I assume he told you?" She looked at me with concern before saying, "I'll ask him to e-mail you, yes?" She didn't invite me in for a tea and chat, or ask how my family was; which is what she'd normally do when I came to the door.

"Yes, yes please. Thank you Miss Boater." I walked down the driveway and out onto the pavement, tears streaming down my face. I felt her eyes on me as I sped up to get out of view.

I found a bench at the bottom of the road where we used to sit on Saturday mornings after I'd meet him to take his dog for a walk. I sat down and let the few tears that I had been able to feep back roll out. I wasn't sure how long I'd been sat there, the school buses has already stopped, there was no-one walking around except the few elder getting the milk for the next morning. I got up, didn't even bother to make myslef presentable - the only person's opinion I really cared about had just been plucked out of my life.

The End

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