You can crawl back to squishy.

Getting up off your knees, you walk decisively (well, as decisively as one can walk in the dark) back towards the squishy thing on the far wall.

At least, it seems to be a wall.

Reaching out tentatively, you touch the squishy thing once more. It doesn't seem to be reacting to your touch, so you move your hand around in a spiral pattern, moving slowly outward. The wet, soft and slimy texture of the wall doesn't appear to be changing, the further your hand gets from its starting point.

Ahh, crap, you think to yourself. I guess I have to turn on this flashlight after all.

You turn on the flashlight, gingerly blinking as the light temporarily blinds you. At the same instant, the whole cavern you're sitting in starts to shake and rumble. You find yourself sitting down hard, and as your eyes adjust, you realize that the soft and squishy texture you were feeling was the inside of the stomach of some giant beast.

A large quantity of water swishes down a long runway-like opening ahead of you, pushing you back towards the far wall. Seconds later, the water rushes back in the opposite direction, pulling you along with it.

Do you:

The End

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