You turn around and head back from where you came.

You freeze and hope whatever it is you just touched isn't going to touch you back. Moments begin to crawl back to where you came from.

Ok... so I am in a dark hole with some sort of squishy thing... what are my options?

One: sit here and hope to God that this is a dream.

Two: go and poke squishy again

Three: try another way.

You don't feel very brave, but ya gotta do option 3 seems to be the way to go. You cautiously scootch around, trying not to make any noise. Its amazing that squishy can't hear your head pounding because from where you are sitting, its as loud as a jackhammer.

You slowly crawl away. Moments later your head hits something hard. Reaching out, it feels a bit like wood. As you move your hands up the object, you feel a slight that of a hand. Rubbing your hand over it, you can only feel indentations for 4  wide fingers.

What the?

The End

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