Finish the note quickly, and see what else it says.

You look around  for the chamber that it talks about. there was one door that didnt look to welcoming. i read the rest of the note starting with  I went out to get more----" you are pretty much sure that it is going to say i went out to get more food. you start reading

"I went out to get more bullets just keep holding strong. this will not last forever i promace whatever is down there is horibal and what i have come to figure out is that monster is linked to your brain and gives you the migrains. i am sorry for your conditiong i will do everything in my power to get rid of it. i will see you once i get back and remember to hold strong and never give up"

the letter was not signed but the letter was probably written by a girl no boy would say daddy. I looked at the door. there is was again the growling. oh great... the migrain had come back. i stumbled backwards. i knocked into a metal thing that looked like a cage. i shined the flashlight at it and....

The End

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